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My family will be relocating to KY at the end of the year.  My husband will work in Louisville.  We are currently looking for homes within 30 miles of the city.  Can you please recommend family friendly areas with good school districts.

Also, are there any lakes within an hour or so good for boating?




Re: Louisville area

  • We live in Shelby County which about 30 minutes outside Louisville.  The schools are decent and it has a smalltown feel with all the city amenities close by.  I would steer clear of Bullitt County and some other surrounding areas.  Oldham County has some very nice areas as well.  Hope that helps.
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  • The school district in Louisville is pretty crazy.  They bus kids all over the county.  So basically, don't base where you buy your house by the closest school because there is no guarantee your child(ren) will get in there  You can probably find more information about it on the school boards website (Jefferson Co. Public School).  Oldham Co has some really nice neighborhoods and schools.  My IL's live in Crestwood, about 30 min from downtown.  You can also look in Southern Indiana. 

    Rough River Lake is about an hour or so from Louisville.  We go boating there.

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  • I love the Middletown area, but it is in Jefferson County, so the schools aren't the best (the bit about bussing is unfortunately true). The best schools in the area are Oldham County, unless you want to look at private schools. 

    We take our boat to Taylorsville Lake a lot. It's about a 30-40 minute drive from Louisville.

     Welcome to Louisville - hope you all love it!! 

  • If you have the means (and desire) to send your kids to Catholic schools in Louisville, I would highly reccomend it.  There are some awesome public schools, but they are few and far in between and there is no gaurantee you will get in to a good one based on your address.  I live in the middletown area and love it!  It is very family oriented, but still kind of young and trendy. Good luck with your move! 

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  • elizxuelizxu member

    The Highlands or St. matthews are the most family friendly areas within town (IMO). The real estate is expensive in these areas, but schools, restaurants, parks, farmers markets are all near by.

     Rough River & Nolan lake are close. Taylorsville Lake isn't that far either.

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