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Thinking of taking the kids to the 10:30 story time at Imaginon on tuesday, anyone been before?

Any other suggestions of places to go and meet moms/kids? I applied for lakenorman mommies and I am hoping to hear back soon. There are lots of things to do here in the charlotte/huntersville area with the kids, but I was really hoping to find an activity that would introduce us to some other families since we are new to the area.


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  • I recently took my 18 mth old....he had fun but not at story time, He enjoyed exploring the exhibits and such. I guess it depends in your kids age(s).

    I am also new to the area. We just joined Discovery Place kids and I love it!!! We have gone every week and DS never seems bored.


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  • Oh thats good to hear! We have a 4,3,2, and 7 month old. Discovery Place is next on our list, I think we will try to go today!

    The speedway is hosting a summer shootout series for the chabbys, tomorrow night is school bus racing which might be fun for them to watch so I think we will try to go to that also there is so much to do here I love that we can keep busy. Where are you relocating from?

    THANKS for the reply!


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  • We moved from Tampa and you?

    BTW, make sure you go to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville not DP in uptown.

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  • From Boston. Think this week will be perfect to check it out since the forecast is rain rain rain! The middle two will drive eachother crazy if we are stuck in the house!

  • How did your kids like it???
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  • I thought it wass great! story time was very spirited, singing dancing and reading. They liked the recycle exhibit and all the little associated activities! the little car and pretend gas fill up station was a big hit for them too! I know that on certain days (usually tuesdays I think) they have an extra something special, like a magic show or performer of some kind.

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