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induction due to low amniotic fluid

Had appointment with nurse midwife Monday and they found that my fluid level was extremly low so was sent to hospital immeadiatly for induction. Didn't have any of my things with me so hubby had to leave me for a while to run home and get my bags and things for himself. Thank God we had plenty of time since the cervix still had to soften.  Things were going smooothIy then they found a hidden bag of water and after they broke that things went extremly fast.I almost made it all the way through without any pain med but when things started to move really fast I asked for pain med & got it but it didn't have time to work bcasuse I went so fast.  Was told that I went from complete to baby out within 15 minutes. Hubby and midwife said I did a great job and only had to push 5 times.  I guess when push comes to shove I really had it down to get my little guy out.  He wasn't supposed to be here till July 16th but I'm glad he is here a little early since he weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and 20 inches. 

I want to thank all of you that have been there as a support system throughout this pregnancy with MTHFR.  I hope all of you ladies with clotting disorders have  a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Re: induction due to low amniotic fluid

  • Oh wow! Congratulations! I have low fluid, so I'm always interested in hearing stories like this. What was your AFI when they decided to induce and how many weeks were you when he was born? He was a great size! But you were around 38 weeks, I'm guessing?
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  • Good for you!!  I am also due July 16th and was induced on Monday for low fluid!  After nearly 35 hours of no progress they checked my levels again and it was within normal limits.  So... I was sent home! 

     I hope to go on my own in the next week or so, I dont want to go through the induction process again!  I hope my labor is as fast as yours was!

     Enjoy your little boy!

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  • BonjayBonjay member
    Don't remember what level was down to but they told me there should hav been 4 pockets of fluid & I only had 1. I was 37 weeks 2 days.
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