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My Baby Hates to Sit - Advice Needed

DD2 hates to sit.  She is strong enough and will sit from time to time.  However, she fights me on it 99% of the time.  I sit her up and she locks her back - arching back until I let her lay down.  She is almost seven months old.  I did not have this issue with DD1.  Anyone know of any tricks to encourage DD2 to sit on her own.
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Re: My Baby Hates to Sit - Advice Needed

  • What about toys? Give her a toy to distract her than sit her up while she is playing with it. That could work.
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  • I just fought E and now she'll sit for short amounts of time. She'd do the same by arching her back and locking her legs. I'd lay her back and then immediately sit her back up when she relaxed.

    I read about someone on here having to go to physical therapy to learn to sit because they never made the baby learn and while that might be an extremely rare case I don't want to chance it.

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  • Mine does the same thing.  At first I thought it was because we are using cloth (cus it's thicker, maybe it's uncomfortable?) but he does it in sposies and naked too.  I'm not really too worried.

    It helps if I play with him on the floor in a way I only do when he's sitting -- like rolling a ball or reading a book.  That sometimes distracts him enough to cooperate.

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  • Mine does the same thing, but it's because he wants to STAND.  So if I try to sit him down, he's arch his back and push up on his legs until I let him stand up.  He'll sit when he's in the mood, or if I sit him in my lap to read a book.

    So I would say if your LO is fighting sitting up right now....just wait until they want to stand!  If they're anything like DS, they'll fight sitting tooth and nail.

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  • MeesheMeeshe member
    Mine does it because he wants to roll/learn to crawl.  I know he CAN do it so I'm not to worried.  My first was totally different and much more content to be still so this is all new to me too.  I say try to distract with toys when you can but don't worry too much.
  • Maybe you can rethink the question. Why does she need to sit? You know that she is physically able, so there is no medical question about it. My LO has rolled, but he doesn't like to do it. So, we don't push it since we know he is developmentally able to. If he gets frustrated on his tummy, we just flip him over ourselves.  We know he can do it, it just isn't his thing. I'm sure at some point he'll get into it. I don't know many little kids who don't like rolling down hills! It just isn't his thing as a baby. Someday you DD will love to sit and read or color, but that time isn't today apparently.

  • Babies have until 8 months to sit unsupported.  She is fine!
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