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FMLA and Paternity leave

Does anyone know what the policy is for the NH paternity leave?   DH googled it but didn't find too much information.  Was just wondering if any one knew.  Thank you =)

Re: FMLA and Paternity leave

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    I don't think there is any paternity leave offered by NH (I only know of a few states that do, and I doubt "Live Free or Die" NH will join them anytime soon).  Your husband's company might have some, but my DH works for a big company and they had nothing.  He had to take his vacation time.

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  • This is true, NH does not offer any paternity leave, it varies by employers. Luckily my husband is a public safety worker and he does get leave. Some places offer it and others do not. 


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  • It also depends on where your partner works, my husband can take up to 4 weeks paid, and another 2 unpaid (or he can use his personal vacation time for the remanding 2 weeks.) As far as NH just doing it I am not sure, but check on the companys HR website, or have him ask his boss.
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