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obgyn recommendation

Hi everyone,

 I am about six weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I have my first prenatal appointment in a few weeks.  I received some paperwork from my doctor which went over what to expect, etc, and it said they would be doing a pelvic exam with pap and cervical cultures during my first visit (8 weeks).  As irrational as it may be, I have a major fear/concern of getting this done so early in pregnancy.  I called the office to ask if I could wait until after the 1st trimester at least, but she said "no....it is routine ob practice, they need to know if I have any infections, etc."  I am confident I don't as I had a normal pap in January and my partner and I have never been with anyone but each other.


Do any of you have doctors that have allowed you to decline an internal in early pregnancy? I am in in the western/northern Philly suburbs.


Thank you for any help you can offer!

Re: obgyn recommendation

  • Um, no.  I'm pretty sure all doctors do at least one internal exam in early pregnancy.  It won't cause harm to the baby.  I know you are nervous, but IMHO it's safer to have the exam for the sake of the baby than to skip it. 
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  • It is completely normal practice to do a pap in the first trimester.  Just b/c you have normal paps and have never been with anyone else doesn't mean you can't have any sort of infection. 
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  • My Dr said that if it's been more than 2 or 3 months since your annual visit (when they would normally do a pap smear) then they do one at your first visit.  Perfectly normal and I really don't think they should skip it because you have no idea how badly little mild infecctions could effect your pregnancy.
  • I'm late to this party, but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I agree with the others, if there was a risk they wouldn't do it. Your cervix should be closed so they aren't getting close to the babe. On another note, you have the right to decline everything, but with that in mind, they can drop you as a patient. Being pregnant is such an exciting and scary time, try and make it fun too.
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