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Anyone booked travel through them? Where did you go? Any advice before we book?



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Re: Armed Forces Vacation Club

  • First- sorry for the empty post. Dog vs computer vs belly and I somehow hit post! Grr...

    Anyways, I booked our vacation through them about a month ago. We are going to Palm Springs, CA in a few weeks. I swear...the only place hotter than where we live at 24-25 weeks is going to suck! I didn't even think about the weather..just what we could do there and that we haven't been.

    So far things have gone smoothly. I called to verify our info with the hotel and have been getting reminders from AFVC through email as our date is getting closer.

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  • Mash67Mash67 member

    umm.. LOL forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think we used it in Germany.  We stayed at the edelweiss lodge and resort, planning this fantastic snowboard/ski trip..... but I was pregnant so couldnt ski hahah!  But I think we used that site... if not then we used this one.



    FYI  this place is amazing I want to go back so bad! 

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  • So far our stay has been great! We are staying at The Plaza Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, CA. The staff is friendly, hotel is clean, our room is large enough for Hubby and I, and our dog. The hotel is really pet friendly and includes a packet of places you can take your pet. We've had no problems at all. The only thing that is disappointing is that there is a scheduled power outage for 8 hrs during the night. They have no generator or back up power system to run security lighting or the air conditioner, so we most likely will go home a day early.
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