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Reproductive Endocrinologist Recommendation??

Hey ladies, we are moving to Portland next week & I will need a new fertility doctor. I had asked on this board 6 months ago (when we were s'pose to move), but can't find that post. Any recommendations for an RE?  TIA

Re: Reproductive Endocrinologist Recommendation??

  • I love Dr. Bankowski at Oregon Reproductive Medicine! (And he's cute, too)  I've also heard good things about Dr. Hesla.
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  • Bankowski is who all my friends love.  
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  • I've been seeing Dr Hesla at Oregon Reproductive Medicine. Pretty much any of the physicians their rock and they have been voted one of the best in the coutry. I've seen Bankowski, Barbieri and Matteri since most of my IUI"s have been on the weekend so you get the doc that works that day. Dr Hesla is my main doc though. I have friends that go to Matteri as well. Matteri I've found pushes IVF sooner than the other's. Hesla doesn't have the warmest bed side manner but he is wicked smart and relaxed and open to what you want to do. His resume is unreal, Harvard, John Hopkins etc. Barbieri is a woman and super wonderful and gentle. Bankowski I find to be great as well.

     I've heard good things about NW Fertility Center as well. Their costs are lower but I haven't been there but know people who love the doctor there too.

    Good luck!


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  • Another rave for Dr. Bankowski!  Not only is he awesome the WHOLE staff is!!!  I have also dealt with Oregon Fertility over at OHSU, and while I have my DD thanks to them having now been at  Oregon Reproductive Medicine the care there FAR surpasses at OHSU.  And the support staff at OHSU at least for me was very lacking.  Honestly I can't think of one negative to Dr. Bankowski or ORM.  Best of luck to you!!!!
  • I am currently 5 months pregnant with my second child thanks to Dr. Bankowski and the rest of the staff at Oregon Reproductive Medicine.  I went through fertility treatments with my first child as well, but was with Kaiser at the time.  It took me almost a year of treatment to become pregnant with my first child.  When I initially spoke to Dr. Bankowski, he recommmended starting out with the combination of meds and procedures that finally worked for me the first time, with the addition of a couple things, and I got pregnant on my first cycle there.  ORM has an incredible success rate and every doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse, lab tech, etc. was lovely to work with.  Good luck!
  • Dr. Bankowski and Dr. Matteri were fabulous for me! The whole office is amazing.
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