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Chico Keyfit 30 or Graco Snugride

I can't decide which one to choose, any recommendations?  Thanks!


Re: Chico Keyfit 30 or Graco Snugride

  • They're both equally safe and ubiquitous (in that most strollers etc have adapters for them). I think the Chico is a little smaller, so that might be a factor. Otherwise . . . do either of them have cuter patterns that you prefer?
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  • Both have great ratings on the ease of use.  I ultimately went with the Graco Snugride 35 because of the low weight of the actual seat (before the baby is in it) and the fact that it goes up to 35lbs rear-facing.  However, the rate that my baby is growing, he will outgrow the seat in height before he outgrows it in weight!

    Here's a helpful link for the NHTSA ease of use ratings:

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  • I like the patterns better on the Graco, but I read the that the Chico may have better side impact cushioning.  We had a Peg Perego with our first child and I happily passed it on to someone who needed a seat because it was so heavy!  

  • There's no way I could carry a 30 or 35# baby in an infant seat, even if she didn't outgrow the height restriction!  I can't remember how high the Graco goes for weight, but I wouldn't make that part of the decision-making.

    I liked our Snugride, and hopefully will use it again one day, but I can't remember anything about the Keyfit for comparison.

  • We got the Snugride 29 for the exact reason QueSrah states - it was suggested by the sales guy that we wouldn't be able to carry around a 35 pound baby (plus the seat), so he recommended the smaller one.

    I have no experience with the Chico, so can't compare for you, but we were very happy with the Snugride.

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  • I have the Chicco Keyfit 30. I read that it was better in side impact crashes but it is heavier than the Graco, I think. I personally don't carry it very far - from the house to the car usually - and I've really liked it. I think the material is very durable. It also comes with a newborn insert, which comes out easily and can be thrown in the washer. I don't know if the Snugride has that or not, but I like that feature.
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    We have a Chicco Keyfit (not the 30) and were very happy using it with the Baby Trend snap-n-go.  I'm glad we didn't spend extra on the version with the higher weight limit.  95% of kids probably outgrow the seat by height before they even come close to the weight.  And it was hard enough toting a 15-17 pound infant in the regular Keyfit...someone would have to be a body-builder to be able to handle a 20+ pound baby plus the infant seat.  So I wouldn't consider any seat that has a higher weight limit than any others because it'll probably be a null-and-void factor for you down the road.  Pick whatever has better safety ratings - and if they're the same, go with whatever style you like more.
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  • Loved the Graco Snugride.

    We chose it for a number of reasons: it is more lightweight, I didn't anticipate using an infant carseat to the higher weight limits of 30-35# (moved to a convertible carseat due to height limitations, not weight), it came in a neutral pattern (Team Green) that I liked and the cost was significantly cheaper when we were looking.

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  • We had a small car when we first got our infant seat, so we tried both the Chicco KeyFit 30 and the Graco SnugRide 32 in our car (predecessor to the current SnugRide). The Chicco fit better in our car, so we went with that. We switched DS to a convertible seat around eight months, when we got to a point where we weren't really using the infant seat to carry him around. He didn't outgrow the seat by height until about eleven months. (And he still isn't thirty pounds at twenty-six months.)

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  • I got the Snugride because it's compatible with our stroller (BOB revolution). That was the deciding factor for us. If you plan to get a stroller with a carseat adapter, make sure you get a carseat that fits it!
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  • I loved the Snugride and agree with pps - by the time DS hit 20 lbs I was ready to move him to a convertible seat! I also loved, loved, love the Snap n Go stroller.
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  • We were debating between the Keyfit and the Snugride and we got the Keyfit. I just liked the way it looked and felt better. We had to buy a chicco-only adapter for our City Mini, but it was the same cost as the other adapter that fit more car seats.

     The base is super easy to install - when we got it checked, the installer said Chiccos are the easiest to install correctly and that Gracos are also very easy.

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