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Linea nigra at 5 weeks?!

Yesterday I noticed a line running from pubic to navel and, at first, I thought it was an imprint from my jeans.  Then I realized I definitely don't wear waist high jeans (aka Mom Jeans.)

I never realized that it could show up so early.  I always assumed it was something that appears for some women during the 2nd and 3rd tri when their bellies start to grow.  I can't stop staring at it... I love it!

Did it show early for anyone else?


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Re: Linea nigra at 5 weeks?!

  • Mine showed up about a month ago while in my first trimester. DH pointed it out, but mine is more prominent from the top of my belly down to my belly button, and then only a slight line from my belly button down.
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  • Mine showed up like 2 weeks ago.
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  • I swear that I have had a very faint linea negra for years!  But it's slightly darker now and it goes a little above my belly button now too.  I think it showed up (darkened) sometime in the middle of my first for me, pretty early.
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  • Mine showed up pretty early too, sometime during early 1st trimester.  It was probably one of my first "symptoms".
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  • Mine started to appear at around 6wks, just a very, very faint line from navel to pubis. Now it's gotten considerably darker and has started to grow upwards from my naval. I love it too!!
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