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hip dysplasia

Anyone have any experience with hip dysplasia in a newborn?  My daughter is 1 week old and was fitted in a pavlik harness today.  Trying to get more info...


Re: hip dysplasia

  • we haven't been told yet that my guy has it for sure, maybe what Isaac has is more mild ? .  our pediatrician was concerned about it because Isaac was breech and it was a c-section - but he said that hip dysplacia can be corrected with the brace, or maybe surgery later if that didn't work.  that is great that ur little girl is getting one already - we were told the earlier the better!

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  • Oh goodness, do I know where you are at! My DD is 1 now and was fitted with a pavlik harness at 4 weeks old....and there is hardly any info out there.

    Yes, the earlier the diagnosis, the better. DD is harness free now and we actually go for a 6-month post harness checkup this Thursday. There are two online hip dysplasia support groups but the people there tend to be the more severe cases or ones that were not caught til later.

    I knew I was lurking on this board for a reason. I almost felt like I didn't belong because DD's "disease" pales in comparison to what soem of these other moms are going through. I think I initially came this way for food allergies but felt really silly once I saw some of the posts.

    Please feel free to post any questions.....

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