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My first BFN

This has been a trying 2WW and my DH and I decided to test a wee bit early to see if we got any good news on his birthday.  (Yes, DH was born on July 4)  We stopped off at Walmart on the way home from my MIL's house and picked up some tests.  After waiting what seemed like forever, I got the "Not Pregnant" screen.  I was pretty bummed out especially since I've had tender boobs, nausea and heartburn the last few days.  I'm still 5 days from AF and I know it was too soon to test accurately, but it's got me thinking now that all my symptoms could be wishful thinking.  I told DH that the next thing we knew, I'd have a hysterical pregnancy like the chick on Glee! 

 Basically, I needed a place to be a bit bummed out so I could shake it off and get back to the important things!

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Re: My first BFN

  • When testing early you should be using FMU. Are you temping? How do you know you are 5 days away from AF? If you don't know when you ovulated, you can't accurately predict when AF should arrive. 
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  • It prob is too early to test. It is definitly discouraging but just wait a couple of days and try again if you want.
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  • I'm sorry, I know its discouraging..

    As PPs said, you should use FMU and it is probably too early. Also the digital tests are not as sensitive as the FRER, which would be a better choice.

    Hoping you get your BFP in a few days!

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  • I know and, to be honest, I was not a bit surprised when I got the BFN.  I told DH that I was supposed to wait until morning, but he's so excited that we just couldn't wait to try it.  Temping doesn't work for me as my temp is quite often all over the place (99.6 today with no sign of infection).  However, I've been charting my cycles and CM for sixth months now and I'm as regular as clockwork, so I know when AF should arrive -- she's never been more than a day late.

     I'm going to try and make myself wait until Thursday or Friday morning and test again.  If it's another BFN, then I just have another month to BD with a purpose which, to be perfectly honest, is fine by me!  

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  • I totally understand, I did the exact same thing yesterday and got a BFN and it was very disappointing. It's not over until we get our period, and so we should both test again in a few days' time. The 2ww is torturous! Good luck!
  • The first BFN is always rough! You aren't out until AF shows up, so you could still get your BFP this cycle. Best of luck!
  • I hear you.  This is why I won't go get a test.  I am 13DPO and I have phantom symptoms, but I am afraid of the BFN.  So I just wait and wonder.
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