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Premature ventricular contraction-anyone else?

so this week i've been having this 'skipped' heartbeat feeling when i do a lot of walking.  went into my Dr this morning and she said it's totally normal for preggies and is refered to as PVC.  has anyone else had this??  she said it should go away on it's own, but it's becoming SUPER annoying.
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Re: Premature ventricular contraction-anyone else?

  • I have PVCs, but they are not pregnancy induced -- I've noticeably had them for a few years. I don't even feel them now that I'm pregnant. My cardiologist and PCP are hopeful that pregnancy will "reset" me and I won't feel them afterward anymore.

    From what I hear, they are relatively normal and not an issue for pregnant women, but I do understand the annoyance. The only advice I have is to try to ignore it -- it's really all you can do (save taking a beta blocker to get rid of the awareness of the palpitations). I always found it was easier to ignore when I kept myself occupied, so maybe try that on your walks (bring a friend, your iPod, or something else to focus on while you are walking/exercising).

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  • i work with cardiac patient and unless you have a lot of them, (by a lot, bunches a minute) it really isn't a problem. 

    I imagine your doc looked at your electrolyes and were fine as potassium and magnesium levels can cause them.

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  • Yes! I had it at the end of 1st trimester and beg of 2nd.  They made me wear a heart monitor for 30 days.  It sucked! But the doc said it was completely normal for pregnant women.  What I found got rid of them was drinking tons and tons of water (my doc said we need nearly a gallon of water a day... yikes) and I switched prenatals to women's one a day prenatal.  I was reading that it can be caused by a deficency in potassium and magneisum.  And that vitamin was highly recommend.   My cardiologist said by drinking more water, the blood will be thiner for your heart to pump.  He said our hearts during pregnancy really get a work out becuase of the extra blood.  I know it feels made me feel better to get reassurance from a cardiologst, so tell your doctor anyway, but it is very common. 
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  • PVC can occur for many people, even totally healthy ones. They can be caused by low potassium and magnesium, among other causes. If your only having them occasionally it's not a concern. They worry when you start to have many of them in a row. 
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