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Scoliosis pain. Help!

I have a mild curvature of my spine right between my shoulder blades and it has been killing me the last couple of days. I know lots of ways to get rid of this (I've had this before), but all of them involve unsafe for LO yoga poses or laying on my stomach while some one presses on either side to "pop" it back in place.

Anybody know some pregnancy safe yoga postures or stretches to relieve mid-spinal pressure?

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Re: Scoliosis pain. Help!

  • No advice, but I just wanted to chime in because I have a pretty significant scoliosis and its already causing a lot of pain. I'll be checking in this thread to see if anyone has any suggestions!
  • a good chiropractor can help. their tables adjust to make room for your belly and they can adjust it only where it needs, rather than the unnecessary pushing that a friend or partner might do.

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  • i have mild scoliosis and i LOVE my chirporactor....couldn't survive pregnancy without her!!
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  • pain management? try reflexology or acupuncture. reflexology saved my butt from having to get surgery for carpal tunnel in my wrists (from waitressing thru college).  i saw an ARCB certified reflexologist (dont be goin to some yay-who at the nail salon) & i could literally bend my wrist again during the appointment ( i hadnt been able to bend my left wrist for almost a year )... it was amazing. i hope you find something that helps you like this helped me. 
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