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Mask of Pregnancy Anyone???

Just wondering if anyone else has this. In know it isn't all that common. Anyway, if you have it do you try to cover it with make up at all? I don't like to look like I've got make up caked on so generally I just put a little powder on but it's still visible. If you've had if w/ a previous pregnancy did it go away after deliver??? I really hate the way it looks as the summer goes on, but I've been pretty lucky with symptoms so I can't really complain. Just curious as to what others are doing.

Re: Mask of Pregnancy Anyone???

  • I don;t have it but I recommend trying Bare Essentuals Mineral Powder - it gives you some added SPF as well - the more your skin is exposed the more prominent it becomes...
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  • I have it - but I had it before I got pg too (from taking Yasmin - UGH!). It is seriously a b*** to deal with. If you only got it from pg, it'll probably go away after a while. I use Makeup Forever foundation - it covers pretty well. Others don't seem to notice it as much, but it does bother me on a daily basis. 

    Before I got pg, I kept it under control by getting glycolic peels and using Obagi. Obagi is the best thing I've ever tried to get rid of the spots. However, you MUST avoid the sun, it'll bring your spots back in a flash.  

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  • I had it once before I was pregnant b/c of my birth control. My dermatologist gave me a prescription lotion which made it go away. I have a small brown area now that I am pregnant but just a light cover of powder and it's gone. I have found out if you wear a good sunscreen it helps it to keep from coming back, at least for me.

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  • I got it with my first pregnancy and it definitely went mostly away after delivery (although I don't remember how long it took).  It stayed away the entire next winter and spring (I was breastfeeding and on progesterone only pills), but once the next summer hit and I was on regualr birth control, BAM. 

    Basically, whenever I am on BC or pregnant, it comes out with the sun.  It is often a lifetime battle once it starts.  Only really heavy zinc oxide sunscreen blocked well enough for me.

     On the positive side, it has completely stopped all my tanning efforts - so maybe I saved my skin a *little* aging by learning to avoid the sun at 27 and not 47.     

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  • i had it w/ds and i have it again this time.  sun exposure definitely aggravates it, but it will go away shortly after delivery. i just don't remember how long after.  but it will go away! 

    mine is only on my forehead and i typically only wear tinted moisturizer which doesn't do much to cover it at all... i've got some mineral foundation (loreal i think?) and that does a better job of evening it out but i don't wear it that often.  

    i'm a co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth diapering momma!
    ~proud to have breastfed for 16 months, 3 weeks~

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    please excuse any typos.... i usually am typing one handed!
  • I use the bare minerals mineral veil to just put on my face, if I use the powder concealer it's pretty obvious:-/ I do like my sun, I'm a california girl, so I think I will start wearing a hat, since the sun screen isn't really preventing anything. Glad to hear it goes away mostly, it isn't the end of the world... But it's def not my best look;)
  • I am the queen of melasma :-(  I'm on pregnancy #3 so it has gotten progressively worse with each pregnancy.  But I have also learned how to cover it better with each as well!  I wear sunblock every single day under my makeup.  I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid.  It absorbs right into the skin and you can apply makeup right over it.  I also have to use a heavier concentrated foundation and have been using colortration (you can look up the website).  It covers well and its specifically for people with this (and can even cover tattoos).  When I'm not pregnant, I went to the dermatologist and have a prescription for 4% hydroquinone.  It really helps.  Oh .. and pretty much no-one knows I have this unless I tell them so the makeup/sunblock really works.  And it is a pain in the a** to deal with!  I agree with the pp that said atleast I've stopped ever tanning my face and hopefully its saved a few wrinkles :-)
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