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I recently got an ultrasound at 21w4d and they told me that my babies ventricles were in the normal but high range which was one was 6mm and the other was 8mm...anything over 10mm was considered not normal but some babies were perfectly fine.

So he scheduled me an appt to come back in 3 weeks to check and make sure they have not grown!! Its already been a week(the LONGEST week) and I still got 2 more to go...I cant stop thinking about it and lookin it up which is makin me more stressedSad

Has anyone been through this or know anything about it? I dont even know if its normal that they are two different sizes...I was such in shock when I found out that my mind just went blank ?? 



  • I don't have any experience with this, but just wanted to say you should definitely stay away from Dr. Google. People rarely post online about instances where everything turned out fine, so all we see are the negative stories. Try to keep your spirits high. Your LO's measurements were still in the normal range, so try your best to take solace in that. I'm sorry the wait is so difficult, though. Try to stay occupied, even if it's easier said than done. Good vibes are with you and your LO!
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  • Thank you sooooo much for your actually made me feel alot better!! Your totally right about Dr. Google its filled with nothin but depressing information. I have decided today that Im not going to look it up anymore because all it does is bring stress to me and my poor LO...thank you againBig Smile

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  • i was in your shoes at my 20 week u/s this time around.  i know exactly how you're feeling and pp is right.  google is only going to scare you more, BUT i couldn't stay away from it bc i wanted to educate myself as much as possible for what we could possibly be in store for.

    i will say that your #s are still normal and hopefully everything will be fine at the next appt.  i wish i'd known what our #s were before when we were waiting to be seen by the specialist for our u/s.  ours apparently were 8 or 9 i think? which is still normal, though on the high side.  and had i known that ahead of time, i wouldn't have freaked out as much!  so that's great that you have that on your side!!

    also another thing to consider which we learned at our u/s was that depending on a lot of things, it's easy to get a false reading on the vents. and get a larger measurement than they really are.   but that said, its also possible to get readings that are lower than what they really are.

    anyway, in our case, the vents did not continue to grow and were smaller, in the 7-8 range when we had our follow up, and have been normal ever since thank god. 

    i hope for you, that you have a similar experience.  but if the vents are enlarged or continue to, just know that it's not the end of the world and that though they can't treat it while you're pregnant, it is treatable afterwards.  and not every child has any side effects from the condition.  which is also great news.   

    the thing that sucks is that really you won't know for years the full extent if any damage that is done from it.  but just try to focus on the positive things, that there is treatment to help the condition should your baby have it, and that you DO have normal measurements right now.  say lots of prayers (if that's your thing) and just try your best not to stress about it (i know that it's nearly impossible, but try!!) bc until your next u/s and really until baby is born, there's not a lot you can do.  but the extra stress is not healthy.  so try your best to think as positively as possible.

    ((hugs)) like i said, i've been there and i know exactly what you're going through.  page me if you want to talk more :-)

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  • WOW..its good to hear that somebody went through the same thing as me!! Thank you soooooooo much for replying...I seriously felt so alone!! I have been looking it up since the day we found out and really learned alot, but I realized it only made me more sad to think my baby could be autistic or even have to have surgery to put a shunt in his little head.

    I have been praying alot about it and realized I had to stop looking it up. I honestly think your message is my little gift from God telling me its going to be fine. I know NO matter what happens I will still love my son and be the best mother I could possibly be. 

    Im so happy that your measurements havent grown and only got smaller(THATS AWESOME)!! I pray that you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and I will definetly keep in touch as soon as I figure this website out...Im a NEWBIE lol!! Thank you soooooo much again!!Big Smile

  • i'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best!!  i know when i first found out about the possibility of it, i had a hard time finding someone on the bump who'd gone through it before.   you also might want to try the special needs board if you do end up with this condition.  :-/   which i hope not!!!!! 

    i also found a lot of support on this website:

    which i'm sure you've been to already, but if you haven't check it out.  

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  • oh one more thing i wanted to add.... if your prenatals don't have DHA in them, i would look into adding that supplement to your daily routine.  i took it when i was pg w/ds bc my docs recommended it, but this time around they didn't say anything about it.  and then once i started researching enlarged ventricles i came across something that said DHA can help with that condition.  

    so i immediately went out and got some from walmart - they have 2 different ones, one for pregnant women (it's a 200mg dose) and then another one that was a higher dose.  dh wasn't comfortable w/me taking the higher dosed one, so we decided to go w/the one for pregnant women.  

    i can't say for sure that it helped in our case, but i'm still taking it.  i thought of you this morning when i took mine so i ran over to post about it.  thinking of you!! ((hugs))

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