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diastasis recti

Does anyone else have this problem?  I have asked all of my friends that have had children and I have not found one that experienced their muscles separating.  I find it to be very uncomfortable and I feel like i have to hold my belly in when I get up or laugh hard because it bulges out.  I noticed that it began to happen in the beginning of my second trimester but now at 28 weeks it is bad (atleast to me).  I am really afraid that I am going to get stuck like this and will need to have surgery after the baby is born.  What is in that gap - my uterus...intestines...?  Should I be wearing something around my belly all of the time?

Re: diastasis recti

  • To prevent or lessen the severity of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) during pregnancy, you need to strengthen your deepest abdominal muscle, your Transverse Abdominis, or TvA. This is our body?s internal ?girdle? and when contracted, compresses the abdomen. Like pelvic floor muscles, the TvA does not move bone.


    TvA strength during pregnancy also helps to prevent back pain and pelvic instability, and because it is the primary expulsion muscle, greatly aids in labor and delivery.


    Pregnant and postpartum women with diastasis should NOT perform any abdominal exercises that lift/flex the upper body off the floor or against the force of gravity, or those that twist the spine, as these moves will worsen the condition.


    To protect their mid lines, all pregnant women should use the ?log roll? technique when rising from the floor, or getting out of bed.


    To view a demonstration of a ?log roll? during pregnancy go to:



    To view two safe abdominal exercises for diastasis during pregnancy go to:




    Women whose mid lines are larger than 2.5 finger-widths should add manual splinting of the Rectus Abdominis onto these exercises as shown here:



  • Thank you very much for the post.  I will begin these exercises right away. 
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