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Anyone have experience with pre-e?

At my OB appointment on Monday my BP was high and I had protein in my urine (along with a headache and swelling).  They are concerned about pre-e and had me do a 24 hour urine catch.  I dropped it off this morning and I'm anxiously awaiting the results.

Does anyone have experience with this?  Since I'm full term they said they would induce me if the protein was over 300mg.  I'm just wondering how soon they would induce me?  In the next few days?  How can pre-e affect the baby?  I know no one can answer this for me but I'm just curious as to what others have gone through.  TIA! 

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Re: Anyone have experience with pre-e?

  • I have been on bed rest since week 30 due to pre-e.  I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning.  No real help there.

    Much depends on how high your bp is/was, did it go down after laying on your side?

    My protein has been much higher than 300mg, but as I said, much depends on your doc and how your other numbers shape up.  The key is the safety of you and your baby.

    Good luck.  I hope your numbers look good!

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  • With my last pregnancy I was being "watched" for Pre-E.  I was being seen twice a week and had to do several urine fun!  Anyways, one Monday morning I went into the doctor's office at 38 weeks and he just sent me over to L&D w/o even knowing if there was protein in my urine!  He said my BP was too high and swelling never went down that he just wanted to get the baby out.  After I delivered he came in and told me that indeed I did have protein in my urine from that previous night. SO....I think it really depends on your doc and how high your bp is and if you do have protein in your urine....lots of factors.  My doctor (I think) is very pro-induction from what I gathered so hopefully yours isn't and will let you watch it for a week or so.  BUT...if you do have protein in your urine they may very well call you in do be induced or schedule something for the upcoming days, although the longer the baby can safely stay in the better!
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  • I was just put on bedrest for mild pre eclampsia.  My BP was borderline, I have alot of swelling and my protein number was 369.  My dr wants me to get to at least 36 weeks or longer, he doesn't want to induce me until at least then if it is not absolutely necessary.  I have an appt tomorrow to talk more about my numbers.

    I will say that since I have been on bed rest this week, my BP is better and the swelling in my feet has gone down a little, but my hands are still really bad and I still have a headache on and off.


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  • (I really think there should be a preeclampsia board.) vibes to you! i hope you are doing ok. I was induced at 37 weeks for preeclampsia, with BP of 140/90 and protein in the urine of +3


    take it easy and lots of time off your feet and prayers to you!!

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