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Newborn photographer near mckinney

Please recommend your photographer. I just can't believe this is going so fast. Need to get it documented!
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Re: Newborn photographer near mckinney

  • i am in mckinney - you can follow through my "stalk my photos" blog at the bottom - there is a link at the top. you want to do it before they turn a certain age :) 
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  • I used Petite Photography.  She is super reasonable and a fantastic photographer. You can find her on facebook and at 

    Some of my DD's pictures are on her facebook.  Enjoy motherhood and congratulations.

    Years of trying and treatment, IVF#1 brought us our darling C!
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  • We used Heather King

    We loved her, she is in Frisco

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  • From the Other Side of the Camera is great!!! She is on facebook. I know her personally from work and she is a wonderful person
  • 2dogmom2dogmom member

    She is super sweet presonally and very talented professionaly!


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  • image mommyhd:


    I "make her" do all of our important photos.  She's great and turn-around is quick!  I might marry her.  lol


  • image mommyhd:


    I "make her" do all of our important photos.  She's great and turn-around is quick!  I might marry her.  lol


  • Depending on your style/look you like I highly recommend checking out these ladies:

    -Elle Park Photography:  She has a very anthropology look

    -Alycia Alvarez Photography:  She has a very fun & timeless look

    -Mae Burke Photography:  She is new with a classic look

     Hope this helps!  Have fun!!! 

    A Wedding Fanatic! -favorite tents: Jacqueline Chapelle- -favorite photographer: Jonathan Ivy Photo-
  • If you haven't book one yet, try Yenny from CnC Moments, I know several ladies here hired her and I always hire her for my family portraits. 

    Good luck! 

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