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Anyone have any experience with it? Husband and I are PCSing to Wichita in 10 days. We may or may not live on base, depending on what they have available when we arrive (we've been on the wait list). Anyone there now? Thoughts? Any thoughts on off base housing in the area? Any mommy groups? My son is 3 months old.

Strangely, we're an Army family. DH is being stationed at a small Army reserve center next to McConnell. He's in the AGR Program if you're familiar with it. I'd love to meet some people there, as we'll have no family anywhere close!

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Re: McConnell AFB

  • I grew up at McConnell AFB and moved up to Kansas City recently. Although my experience with Air Force bases is limited to McConnell AFB & Beale AFB I feel that it was a good place to grow up. It is Kansas but there are things to do. The list for on base housing is always long and may be when you are still there. The areas off base are good if you stay close to base. The Derby area is a good area and if you are willing to live on the west side of town that is also a good area in most spots. They do have groups on base for families though I was never stationed there with kids, only as a kid and adult. Feel free to message me with questions about anything!!!!
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  • My husband is enlisting in the Air Force and we live in Wichita, ks. My son is going to be 1 on the 16th of July I love Kansas and I think it is a great place to raise children
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  • I lived on base there when my dad was AD AF. The waiting list wasnt long at all! But this was back in '07. The housing is ok, its not terrible or great. The one thing i remember most about it was during the winter the roads in housing were some of the last roads to be plowed. But i think its normal for residential areas. There is quite a bit of shopping and restaurants in Wichita. And Kansas City isnt too far. There are lots of nice neighborhoods off base, but i dont know how much they cost. 
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  • Thanks, ladies! We are looking forward to the move!
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  • Goldfearie12, you have pm.
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  • I'm at McConnell! Big Smile

    The housing is not too bad.  They are getting things ready to privatize in October, so things are going to change a lot in housing, just not sure how yet.  My husband and I live on base in a 3 bedroom older house and it is not too bad at all.  We also lived in a 2 bedroom older house when we first got here and the bedroom size of the 2 bedroom is really nice compared to the 3 bedroom.  If you are ok with taking an older house you could probably move in right away, but if you want a newer house the wait is about a year right now.

    We have a good selection of apartments near the base, if you want to do that.  Also, the town south of the base, Derby, is really nice and a lot of AF families choose to rent or even buy homes there.  My husband and I lived in Brookwood Apartments when we first got here and they were very nice. 

    If you are on Facebook, there is a group for McConnell Wives that you should check out! I'm not due until the end of Aug. so I don't know much about play dates and things like that, but I do know a lot of moms get together via the FB group to set them up!

    Here is the link to the FB group:!/home.php?sk=group_102551936898&ap=1

    Wichita isn't that bad of an area.  It does get pretty windy a lot of the time and lately has been super hot!  The worst thing of couse is tornado threats--those are scary, but you have the basement to run to!  If you make the best of Wichita, you can find tons to do and have lots of fun! :) 

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! :)  Hope you have a safe move here!

  • Thank you so much! That is such great information! I will definitely message the Facebook group. I am looking forward to getting to know some new people. Our current duty station is a reserve center, so there were a lot of people there who never lived anywhere else and didn't have the usual Active Duty lifestyle.
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