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So I get 6 wks of STTN and then... all goes to crap?  Two of my babies (the more mobile ones who do not have any teeth yet) have been screaming and will not stop until we rock them back into a deep sleep.  I'm so sad.  Please sleep babies, please.  Why are they doing this?
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Re: So I get 6 wks of STTN and then...

  • We cut teeth at 8.5 months too and their sleeping was awful for a a week or two after their teeth popped through and then it went back to normal.  I feel like STTN will be an off and on thing until every single one of their teeth comes in :(
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  • Hmmm, since they aren't teething yet (are there gums even the slightest bit swollen by chance?), it might just be another growth spurt.  Do they seem like they'd be wanting to eat a bottle when they're up or are they just fussing to fuss?

    This was about the time my DDs had crazy hours all of the sudden too. There were times I let them CIO (more painful for me than them) and other nights I'd surrender and let them go in the swing and then transition them back to the crib or let them cuddle me then eventually go in their own cribs. Sometimes the trick for us was to just give a small (couple oz.) bottle and then back to bed.

    GL and hope they're STTN again ASAP!

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  • i think thats our problem too, the boys both have 4-5 teeth but i think whenever one cuts thru its a bad nite! nina doesnt have any so i dont know why she stopped STTN....this is why i started CIO last night :(
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