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We're not TTC yet but I'm definetely planning a HB with #3, after 2 hospital births. There are a couple of MWs in our area and there's 2 specifically that I like. My question is..how many patients and/or deliveries did your MW do a month? The CM that lives 15 mins from my house does 6 a month on average. Is that the norm or on the higher end? Also did you call your MW as soon as you got a BFP or wait until you were closer to 8, 10, 12 weeks..?

I'm just starting to do some research since we probably won't be TTC in the next couple of months, so forgive me if any of questions seem naive.


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  • I think my midwife does about 4 a month. I honestly have no idea what's normal. She is the only HB midwife in the area. After my BFP, I called a CNM affiliated with a local hospital to set up an appt., as we weren't sure about HB then. Before that appt., I searched for a HB midwife at DH's request. I was doing tons of research as the thought had never occured to me. When I found one, I called and was able to meet her the same day.

    We loved her and decided to cancel the other appt. I never regretted that. (Especially because I ended up seeing her because she is an LC after J. was born and did not like her.)

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  • We're TTC #3 as well right now.  My last baby was a homebirth, so I can answer about that situation.  My midwife took about 5-6 I think a month.  A friend was due within 2 days of me and using the same midwives- the midwife said she wasn't concerned because she never has 2 go into labor at the same time.  Well... her baby was born just an hour or two after mine, but it all worked out fine since we had 2 midwives.  I started seeing her around 25 ish weeks when I decided I wanted a homebirth.  I think I'll have a homebirth next time, but I intend to see my OB/GYN for the first trimester because in case I need meds again to manage the morning sickness. 
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  • My MW does on average 3-4 births a month where she is the primary, and 3-4 births a month where she is the secondary (with her partner).  Some months it is a bit more, some a bit less, but that is what she aims for each month.  She says it is very hard to say no, but she has to find balance since she has 4 kids and homeschools. :)

    I called her right away even though I wont see her until 12 weeks.  I wanted to make sure to reserve one of those 3 precious spots. :)

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  • I have no idea how many patients they take a month (I never asked). I do know that they tried to have the due dates spread out nicely in the month. I called the midwife the day I got my BFP and it was almost too late. I got the only spot left for the month. When we TTC again I will call before I get pregnant to give them the heads up and hope that they will keep a spot open for me.
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  • my MW does 4/month. of the MWs that i interviewed (five total), only one did more than 4/mo. they also all worked alone (as in, they are in practice alone. they each bring a birth assistant to birth and they each have a back up MW). if a MW shares her practice with another MW, i could see that they would take on more than 4 families/mo and it not be a problem.

    i called my MW as soon as I got a BFP. i wanted to make sure i got in the list of 4 for my month. i was very set on the MW i chose, so calling right away was a definite.

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    my mw takes 4 a month.

    I'd call as soon as you know you are pregnant though you probably won't see her (unless just to meet her ) until 8 weeks

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  • Mine has a few births a month.  My first appt. was at 15 weeks. I should have gone much sooner because at 15 weeks, blood test results are already skewed by hemodilution at that point which leads to more worry than necessary.
  • My MW is the only HB MW who serves our rural area- she drives 2 hours to do our visits.  She takes 3 mamas a month where she is the primary, and attends about 5 births a month as a back-up/assistant.  Of course, her mamas get priority, so if she's assisting for another MW and one of her mamas goes into labor, she can leave and go take care of her own births (they will call another assistant).  

    I called her as soon as we made the decision to HB, which was pretty much immediately after our BFP since there was no way I was going to the local hospital with their 40-something % cesarian rates.  

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  • From what I can tell (from the MW's we interviewed), most try and do only about 4 a month (one per week).  But, it doesn't always end up that way, since babies come when they want.  My first appointment with my MW got delayed twice due to babies being born.  She delivered 4 in 3 days.  Not normal.  She also came late when I was in labor (I was still only 5 cm when she got there though) because she had been at another birth (I was early).

    We didn't decided on home birth until much later in the pregnancy.  We found ours at 31 weeks, and I ended up having LO at 38.  


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