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2nd Trimester

For a little late night fun - another Old Wives Tale

My SIL swears this is true.

This one has to do with hair growth during pregnancy on areas where you would normally shave.

 If you have to shave A LOT = girl (something with the added estrogen)

If you shave the same or less = boy

Just wondering how any of us would fair with this OWT. I also posted on 0-3 board to see how true it is for them.

For Me: 

Baby #1 - didn't shave any extra - I now have a DS (but I was due in Feb, so bulk of my pregnancy was fall and winter)

Baby #2 - shaving more often (but, it is also summer) guess we will see.

Disclaimer: This is just a fun thing. And go!


Re: For a little late night fun - another Old Wives Tale

  • Ive been shaving just about the same and Im expecting a boy. 
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  • I've been shaving WAY more, and expecting a boy.
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  • Well, I NEED to shave a lot more but I'd be lying if I said I had been. Wink  And she's all girl!
  • I have been shaving the same or less and hes a boy.

    Was the same with my son as well. 

  • Shaved more often with pregnancy #1.

    Shaved less with pregnancy #2.

    Both girls.


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  • baby 1- didn't shave any more or less i had a girl 

    baby 2- same didn't shave any more or less i had a boy

    baby 3- same didn't shave any more or less i found out the 18th 

    but i got a lot of what i call, baby chick hair all over my stomach with my DD, didn't have any of that with my son.  But i do have baby chick hair again on my stomach, so we'll see come the 18th!

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  • Hmm I've heard the exact opposite of this.. slower hair growth/shaving less = girl and faster or the same= boy

    I hadn't heard of this when I was pregnant with my son so I never paid attention but with my daugher I did and my leg hair definitely grew in slower .. resulting in (obviously) a girl. It's the same as it was with her and I've been thinking girl almost all along so we'll see on the 23rd!

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  • I heard that the oposite was true?  Weird.
  • legs have been about the same, but it seems like my underarms have been more, generous, if you will. since we're team green, we'll just have to see what happens in december. :)

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  • I shave the same, and it's a boy! Smile
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