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JUST excessive swelling isn't bad, right?

Man, the last week or so, my feet have been pretty swollen by the end of the day.  But today, they seem really bad.  I know that once I get home and put my feet up, they'll be better.  Should I be concerned about the swelling?  Should I be watching for anything else?  I saw my doctor this week and told him I'd been swollen, he pressed on my ankle and said it was normal to be a little swollen.  But it's much worse today than that day.

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Re: JUST excessive swelling isn't bad, right?

  • My feet get swollen too, but not too bad. I've found the more humid it is, the worse they get. The next morning they always go back to normal.
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  • I would be concerned it they did not go down after some water and putting your feet up.  With that said, the swelling is your body's way of telling you that you are overdoing it.  Now is the time for you to look at what you can do to eliminate time on our feet, etc.  I know it is hard with work etc and you may not want to stop work but I would bring it up with your OB/MFM and have the work talk.  Your body is definitely signaling to you that it is time to slow down.
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  • I would watch to see if the swelling continues up your legs.  When I had PreE, I had swelling up to my knees as well as my entire face.  It happened within one week (I took weekly pictures and it's SO obvious).  I would also check your blood pressure more regularly. If you don't have one at home then you can stop at a WalGreens type store that has a pharmacy.  I think those are the only other symptoms you can watch for easily, but I'm not an RN, just a PreE vet!  GL!
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  • My ob said just swelling is ok and is to be expected with pregnancy especially with multiple gestations....but if you develop headaches, vision changes you should call asap to be seen.  Within a week my excessive swelling turned into severe pre e.  Thats not everyone though-like pp said I would monitor your bp often-whenever you go to the grocery store/pharmacy using those machines.  And if the swelling doesn't go down with rest and water I would call.
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  • I had pre-e with swelling ONLY.  No headaches.  No vision problems.  A simple BP test will tell you where you stand, so I think its worth a trip to the drug store or OB to get it checked out.
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  • Swelling is normal, but excessive swelling in your legs and swelling in your face especially could be a sign of pre-e, at least it was for me. The swelling was so bad that I actually ended up getting stretch marks on my calves when the swelling finally went down after delivery. If you have more swelling than normal drink lots of water and lay on your left side. If you feel like something isn't right though, I would just give your doctor a call.

  • My legs looked like tree trunks by the time I had my boys, but my doctor wasn't concerned since my blood pressure was normal.  2 days after my c/s when my doc came in to check my incision she said "You have cankles!" and that was a compliment!  It's certainly no fun to be swollen, but when my swelling went away, I was left with toned up legs from carrying the boys for 9 months - that was a nice surprise!
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  • I would say it might be worth a trip in just to make sure you don't have protein in your urine.  I ONLY had swelling ( so it seemed)~ my BP was never bad ( not until AFTER I delivered), but the only other thing was I quit peeing no matter how much I drank.  Keep an eye on that~ but there is no harm in a simple urine test, just to make sure you aren't spilling protein. 
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  • I'm right there with you-and actually my legs and feet are sometimes WORSE after I've been lying down napping or sleeping. I mentioned it to the doc this week when I went in (because I was concerned about pre-e too) and he said it was ok. Keep an eye on it... and know you're not the only one! There's even fluid on the underneath of my belly that "fogged" parts of my ultrasound yesterday! Hang in there :)
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  • Check your face regularly, I think that's a big giveaway that it's pre-e.  But like PP said, if you are that swollen you are probably overdoing it :(
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