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2nd Trimester

Baby moving in my belly (video)

I also posted this on the November 2011 board but I also wanted to share it with you ladies


Yes, I oficially look like I have a camera attached to me (I do, its my phone) and I caught our baby girl moving in my belly this morning after some pancakes! Here is the video, you can mostly see it on the left side. I cant believe how much you can see in as little as 21 weeks!  


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Re: Baby moving in my belly (video)

  • That's awesome!  I've tried to get my LO on camera, but every time I get the phone out she stops.  Maybe I'll try some pancakes tomorrow!  Stick out tongue
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  • That's great! Smile I have so many of these with my first son.. I need to capture this little boys wiggles! Although I must say, he doesn't seem to be as crazy in the womb as his big brother was! LOL
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    YAY!  I did that with my DD and can't wait to do it again.  I did it early on (like you) then again at 30 weeks.  The 30 week video is pretty crazy!  I sat on the couch every  night with my shirt pulled up to be sure to catch the movement.  :)  I started doing it this pregnancy as well.  :) 

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  • That's so cool! I've been so busy feeling the movement and making sure my DH gets to that I haven't really been watching. I guess I should!
  • I'm jealous. I have an anterior placenta so no cool movies like that for me. Crying
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  • Balance the remote control on your stomach, you will really see it dancing around.
  • YES!!!!  Big Smile  The first time I saw my LO do this I thought I was dreaming!
  • I tried to record my last night but my phone was dying I love seeing my baby move in my stomach it is soo amazing!

  • I am just over 18 weeks and I really hope I can see this in a couple of weeks!  Every evening after work I'm poking and placing hands on my belly to see if I can feel it from the outside.  Hubby keeps telling me to leave the baby alone, but I ignore him.  Now that someone said something about anterior placenta, I need to ask where mine is at my appointment today.
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  • That is so cool that you got that in camera! Wait until you can tell if she's poking a hand or foot out. Now that would make for a cool video when she's old enough to watch them and see herself in her mommy's belly!
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