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Moms of 2 or more...

Is there anything you would have done differently the last few months you had with just one? Whether it was something you did for yourself, with dh or with lo? It's finally starting to hit me now that I'm half way through this pregnancy that I will actually have 2 kids and a lot less time to get things done or time to myself!
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  • I wished I would have finished more of M's baby books.  I am good about doing family type photo books, but totally slack off at the boys. 

    We did an overnight trip just the 2 of us when I was 35 weeks, which was great.  We didn't go far, but a weekend just us was so relaxing and gave us time to eachother.


  • This is a GREAT question! I will definitely be checking this for the responses. I'm thinking of doing some girly things with Emma, like getting pedicures at the local beauty school or something. But I definitely like this thread and am looking forward to the different things people come up with!
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  • We also took a short family trip with ds, to Portland and I'm really glad we did. I would just get as much stuff done for baby as you can. As far as you and dd, I would say that looking back now (with 2), I never realized how easy it is with one to get time together and do special things. However--- you might want to save those ideas for when baby gets here, b/c she will really be wanting your special attention then, and it would be more meaningful to her. We did a lot of mommy-son dates when dd was about 2-3 months old b/c that's when the jealousy kicked in, and it really seemed to help. hth!
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  • oh--- and go on some dates with your husband! It will be a long time til you get to do that again!! :)
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    I wished I would have finished more of M's baby books.  I am good about doing family type photo books, but totally slack off at the boys. 

    Thanks! I'm glad you reminded me that I need to finish Ella's first year scrapbook... I forgot about it after she started crawling... oops! :)
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  • Yeah I got my honeymoon scrapbook done before Ben was born and Ben's first year baby book done before Cooper was born.  :)  (They're three years apart!)

    Steve and I went away on our own for a weekend.

    Your kids are so much closer together than mine that I'm not sure about special things to do with your DD before #2 comes.   I will say that you need to carry on with your first's schedule and routines as much as possible - still go to Little Gym or swim lessons or whatever activities you do together.   So make sure you have a good carrier for your next one!  :)

    If you have any redecorating you want to do for a big girl room or anything, do that now.  Don't wait.  Unless you want to wait a year.  

    Try to avoid buying new toys for DD that have small parts that you'll have to keep away from your baby.  Like we made sure not to start Ben with real Legos yet so that we didn't have to worry about Cooper choking on them.  and we had some other tihngs that had small parts that we had to put away and that was a bummer for Ben.  

  • We went to Disneyland as a family when I was about 24-25 weeks. It was a great time to go for all. Audrey loved it, I was still comfortable, it was great.

    I can't think of any other advice, but the week after Rye was born, DH was home too and took Aud to the zoo one day, (great to let mom and baby sleep)we went to NW Trek one day when Rye was a week old. He planned a bunch of little outings / activities for her and it helped so much so I could focus on Rye and get rest.
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  • I rocked her for hours each night at bedtime - and read as many stories as she wanted.  I'm so glad that I did, because her bedtime routine definately shorted once her brother was here.
  • I think all of the ladies have given great suggestions. I just wanted to add that with L we tried to involve him in baby related stuff as much as possible. He ''helped'' wash clothes and blankets, took him to a couple MW appointments, things like that.



  • I wish I'd appreciated how easy it was to have just one. Seriously, I complained all the time but one is SO easy compared to two.

    We made sure to do lots of outings with Syd of just what she wanted to do, zoo, parks, etc. She has to wait for what she wants to do now.

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    I wish I'd appreciated how easy it was to have just one. Seriously, I complained all the time but one is SO easy compared to two.


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    I could pretty much quote EVERYONE that has already posted. Ones that really stand out are about how you really don't know how easy it is with one - you think it's hard, WAIT until you have 2. Go run EVERY ERRAND POSSIBLE with one....seriously, once you have 2 - it is SO DAMN DIFFICULT.

    Another one I like is about rocking Baby #1 to sleep every night. I did this with Jackson, and yes, I was probably making it harder on myself in the long run - I loved every.single.moment of it. Just me and him - our time that was uninterrupted and peaceful, our time to bond before his life was turned upside down.

    Things to add - I have NO regrets about how I did things prior to #2 showing up.  I spent EVERY waking moment doing fun adventures/activities with #1. We did Little Gym, the park, the aquarium, Children's Museum, play dates, ate ice cream, long walks - I basically wanted  to spend as much time with him as possible - mission accomplished and I feel like he loved all that time with me.

    With DH - as soon as we found out we were pregnant with #2 we made a pact to do date night EVERY Friday night - and we did.  Even if it was staying in and making pizza and ordering a movie - it was US time, with no kids. We knew that date nights would be far and few between when #2 got here - so we took FULL advantage.  So glad we did....

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