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Feeling sorry for myself

Feeling sorry for myself today, but I promised myself I would vent one more time and then get over it so here goes:

My job is crazy, I am a new manager with tons of new responsibilities. Stress.

I have plancenta previa which is not a huge deal right NOW, but my husband and I can't have sex. Stress, because that is usually a stress reliever for me!

I would like to go and have a bottle of wine with my friends, and that's just been bothering me lately that I can't enjoy a nice cocktail. Less time out with friends, Stress.

I am just feeling old, not fun, tired, and so over it. And I am only 20 weeks pregnant!

I don't want to hear I should be happy and grateful- I have a child, I know that she is the light of my life, and that this one will be, too. I am just having a moment. Ok. Over it!

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Re: Feeling sorry for myself

  • sweetie, everyone feels like crap every once in awhile! you go ahead and vent! i know how you feel im 17 weeks and i feel like im at 30 weeks! take a nice warm bubble bath when you get off work and relax!
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  • I don't understand why people don't just let us have a $itch fest every now and then.  Even though we are pregnant and are beyond thrilled to be having a little one, doesn't mean we don't miss doing/drinking/eating the things we did before. 

    Oh what I would do for a bottle of red wine right now... or even a Miller Lite.  More power to you!!

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  • I know how you feel! Sometimes I just wanna be able to drink a beer, but all I get is bottled water :(. It makes me feel better to go get ice cream or some other dessert. I never see my friends anymore since they are all single and still party. Go get a pedicure or manicure or something else for yourself! Vent all you want, you are pregnant :)
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  • im sorry you are having a bad day :/ if it makes you feel any better i gained 10lbs this past month! LOL!

    but i know what you mean about wanting a drink and a little relaxation. my go to relaxation these days is turning off the lights in the bathroom, lighting a few candles and taking a long shower...when i say long i mean until the hot warm runs out. lol! if i had  a bathtub i would totally go that route!

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  • I hear you, hon.  I told my husband pregnancy is a love/hate situation.  I am over the moon about creating a wonderful little girl and think it's fantastic to have her coming in a few months; however, the swelling, weight gain, acne, hormones, not being able to drink, etc. is not fun sometimes.  My best friend just had a baby a couple of months ago, and her husband said last night at dinner he had a drink every night while she was pregnant just to shove it in her face.  what a jackass, right?!  It's hard enough watching everyone around you enjoy things on their terms but to show off you're able to drink EVERY night, is just a crap move.  I love her husband too (we've all been friends for over 15 years), but I wanted to smack him. 

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  • Its ok... everyone needs to vent and not always just once. I was feeling sorry for myself this morning before I even opened my eyes. Mine is mostly b/c of inlaw issues and having to face them (the people, of course not the issues) this weekend. But yesterday was a I would have a glass of wine if I could day. I am not a drinker, but it seems when I can't have it I seem to want it more. Maybe pregnancy makes me less rational. I'm not sure. I really have nothing to feel sorry for myself for when I really look at the blessings God has provided. I still do. This morning I decided I was going to take a much needed dip into the lords word. Best of luck. I hope you feel better!
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  • This is my first, I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and I'm still adjusting to all that I've given up. I have a low-lying placenta so sex is off limits for me too.

     I'm so sick of hearing "it will be worth it in the end". I know this... DH and I wouldn't have tried for a baby if we didn't think she is "worth it". Sometimes, it's nice to hear that someone else feels the same.

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