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ok this is crazy...

Cooper has been wanting to sit on the potty a lot.  Mostly to copy Ben and to get some naked time.   They like to do "naked races".   Most times Cooper does naked races though, he pees on the floor, so I've been trying to make him sit on the potty first.   He has peed in the potty twice, more like he coincidentally peed while he was sitting there.   

Then the other day, he seemed to very purposefully pee on a pile of Ben's clothes on the floor.  Nice.  

Then yesterday or the day before, I was changing him and he asked to go potty.  I figured it was an excuse to keep pants off.  I put him down and said "OK go to mommy's bathroom" and I guess he went to Ben's bathroom but I went to mine and I had to pee so I went.  While I was in there Cooper flew in and I could see a drip.  sigh.  I asked if he peed and he said yes and took my hand to show me.  He had peed right in front of the toilet.  There's no kiddie potty in there.  So I thought that was kind of awesome even though it sucked.

Today I got him up from his nap and he walked over to his changing table and said potty.  So I brought him downstairs to sit on the little potty, and he sat there for about 3 seconds and then peed.   How crazy is that?

I am pretty sure he's too young to do much more than what I've been doing.  But I can't believe he seems to sort of understand the concept already! 


Re: ok this is crazy...

  • From what I've heard, the second can be easier to train because they see their siblings do it. How awesome would it be if Cooper was potty trained in the next month!? :-) Go Cooper! Yay for being a big boy!
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  • Wow, that's awesome! I heard the same thing Ikes said. You should ask massagegirly about it- her second dd was potty trained early too. 
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  • Yay!! Go Cooper! :o)
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  • DD has been saying pee pee or poo poo before she goes since about 16 months and just recently is OBSESSED with the book, once upon a potty. I just want to wait a little longer because she seems too young. Cooper is a little older than her I think... I'd say it's up to you when to start... He sounds ready if you are! :)
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  • Oh I don't think he's actually ready.  I don't think he can understand the concept completely yet.  I think it would still be a lot more about training me than training him.  :)  I don't think he has the real control he'd need yet.  When Ben was ready, he could pretty much pee on command.  I think having that actual muscle control is a very crucial part of it.  But I do have hope (unless I"m jinxing it now) that he will "get it" and it might not be a long road when we get there... 
  • Wow! Great that Coop is so interested! Maybe if you keep doing what you are doing he will be one of those 2 year old potty trained kids.

    we just brought the potty chair into the kids' bathroom and have been having Rye sit on it. So far he thinks it's fun, but gets up quickly. He does say potty and grabs the front of his diaper all the time. Seems like he knows what he is doing, but can't control when at ALL. Baby steps.

    gosh, can you imagine both kids being out of diapers? I've been buying diapers since 2007!
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  • image Nancy_Drew:

    gosh, can you imagine both kids being out of diapers? I've been buying diapers since 2007!

    Yeah, I started at the end of 2006, and I did have a "break" for a few months before Cooper came.  But still.  I'm sick of it.   But Ben's not night time potty trained so I'm still on the hook there.   

  • Eli understood the concept and had control at age 25 months. Everything i have ever read says they are easiest to potty train between the ages of 22 - 28 months. I believe it. Eli was a breeze. Kai is 34 months and its really rough going. I wish I had started earlier. I say go for it. He is no to young to understand and learn.
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  • L started having interest in sitting on the potty around 18 months, but like you say lacked to muscel control. Although he knew when he needed to go. He was fully trained at 2.5 exactly. I say roll with it.



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