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3rd Trimester

Which girl name do you like?

The last name will be a one syllable name that starts with "L." Possible middle names I'm considering include Marie, Maria, and Valerie.

Thanks! [Poll]

Re: Which girl name do you like?

  • I love Anastasia and if I didn't have a friend with a DD I would totally have chosen it.
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  • I also chose Anastasia.  I think it sounds awesome with Marie or Maria.  My DH would never go for such a unique name but I love it!
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  • I am not a big fan of any of the names but I think the best one is Cassandra.

  • CHI-06CHI-06 member
    I would go with Anastasia Marie and call her Ana for short
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  • We have an Annika Renee in my family - i love her name.
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  • I like Christina Marie.

    My baby girl's middle name was going to be Marie until last night when I found out that DH's niece has it for her middle name. All this time we thought her middle name was May, not Marie. I was a little upset lol. 

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  • love the name cassandra
  • Cassandra Marie is very pretty!


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