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Alrighty so Im 7 weeks pregnant and I went in yesterday morning for my intake appointment since I'm HIgh Risk from the Get Go because of my kidneys.  the Dr talking to me and I told her that I had gest. Diabeties. boarderline with my last pregnancy.  So she decided to make me take a glucose test yesterday.  Which I did.  about 4 hrs later when I woke up from a nap, I had a total Glucose crash, (sweeting, dizzy shaking the works) so I hate a bunch of high sugar items and about 15 minutes of rest I was good.  So I went in to tell them about it today. and they looked at my test results  and sure enough my blood sugar was 165 (and they like it to be under 135)  So now I do the 3 hr glucose tomorrow, but shes already told me that with numbers like that its guarenteed I have it. 


I didn't have it bad last time.  but now, I have to control EVERYTHING i eat.  any  words of advice from women who have it?  or have had?

She also said since its so early that there is a high chance I will maintain it even after I give birth and be a full on diabetic.

 So frustrated.........

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Re: Uggh......

  • I was borderline last time, and borderline this time as well. It did not get worse this time around, only last time we did not treat it, and this time I am on the full diet and insulin for fasting numbers. 

    I know its early, but try to follow the diet as best as you can, and hopefully you can stay borderline for the balance of your pregnancy. I'm not sure that having it early on makes you more likely to have it after, so I'd try not to dwell on that now and just focus on cooking a healthy baby.

    GL to you! 

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