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close call..

I am not due for another month, but I was having really bad stretching pains today and bad pressure down there, so I called the on call RN, and told me to go to L&D after drinking water and laying down if the pains continued. Well, the pains never really went away, but they  got better. Then my lower back and contractions have been starting hours later....but nothing timeable.  DH is at work and DD is sleeping, so I really dont want to run to the hospital if I am just having BH contractions.  I am hoping I get through the night and can get to a DR appt tomorrow to confirm what is going on before the three day weekend.  I am not in a lot of pain just more discomfort from pelvic pain, baby stretching my skin, and what I think is BH contractions...

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Re: close call..

  • Hope everything is ok with you.  I have been having stretching pains and semi painful BH as well for a few days.  The stretching pains feel like my muscle is being torn.  Hurts so bad I can't help but my yell.  The BH are just uncomfortable and I feel a lot of pressure and then I have to the bathroom.  I called my doc and they said the same thing.  Drink water, lay down, and if it doesn't go away go to L&D.  I feel the same as you.  I don't want to go if it is just BH.  But then I have co-workers and family members making me feel like I am a terrible person because I am only thinking of myself and "not the baby."   I'm thinking I will go if I see the "bloody show" or my muscus plug.  But I think I'm fine.  Hope you are!!  <3
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