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Mom's of 3+ - Can I make it work with an SUV?

We have a Honda Pilot and are going to attempt to fit all three in there. Am I crazy or is it possible? I don't want to make car payments again for a van and I love my Pilot. Anyone do this successfully or are planning on trying? Our Pilot has a third row seat and fits 8.
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Re: Mom's of 3+ - Can I make it work with an SUV?

  • how old?

    I have a pilot, and a 19yr DD, 8 yr DD and one on the way (plus DH LOL)

    I have no intentions of giving up my vehicle since my oldest (actually the 8yo prefers) can climb in the back easily, and it slide forward without collapsing the seat.

    If any of yours are old enough I say go for it..FYI: in a pickle (hubby had car) we went to the park w/ my friend who has toddler seat and infant seat in her escape (regular SUV no 3rd row) and i was able to get 8yr old buckled in her belt booster (woulnd't wat to do it all the time but that car is smaller than mine so i know they COULD all go in row)

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  • We have a pilot and can fit 3 car seats just fine. I don't see why you would need to change cars unless you really really want a mini van.
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  • You should have no problem with this vehicle.  I don't know the ages of your children, but many people have successfully installed 3 car seats across one row in a Honda Pilot.  It may take some tweaking and you'll want to try out any new seats before you buy them, but it can be done. 

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  • i have an 05' chevy tahoe, and like you we don't want nor can we afford car payments ( we still have my DH's truck we're paying off) so ill see how 3 car seats fit in my truck this week. 
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  • Good to know because we're going to buy the pilot this summer and that's the first thing I was going to do. Make sure all three carseats fit in the middle.
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  • I have a friend that has a pilot without the 3rd row and makes it work with 3 kids.  I don't think it's ideal for her but she makes it work.  One of her kids is in a booster, which helps a bit on the space

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  • I have a mini van for my soon to be 4 under 6.  BUT, I know it is totally doable in a Pilot.  Worse case scenario (if you have three in carseats and your carseats get bulky) go with the Sunshine Kids Radian, it is a top rated carseat and compact, making three a piece of cake.

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