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I learned about this website while TTGP (perhaps it was on TB?). Anyway, I thought "When I get pregnant, I'm buying this!". Well, I just made my first purchase. I bought three CD's- Weezer, Ramones, and The Beatles. I wanted to share for all you music-lovers.

Here's the link- hopefully I made it clicky:

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Re: Rockabye Baby

  • I saw these a while ago and I also plan on purchasing some.  I have Journey, Queen, The Beatles and so many others on my wish list!
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  • My friend was just telling me about this last week.  There's a couple I'd like to get!

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  • thanks!  found it on itunes and amazon too!
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  • I got several albums but also individual songs off itunes when we had DD. That was 5 years ago so they have a lot more now and I plan on getting some more as she still listens to them on her ipod through her idog at bedtime.
  • My FIL is a die hard Rolling Stones fan and bought DS the Rockabye Bye Stones CD, I'm not a fan of theirs, but the CD is awesome!

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  • I have The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Led Zeppelin & Radiohead. I absolute love them all.
  • The Baby Einstein station plays this a lot on Pandora (and it's free) :).
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