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Got a City-Mini Double? C'mere....

I want to get this stroller and use carseats in it in the beginning.  The girl in the store tried to show me as best she could how it would work (they didn't have the double bar in stock) and it looked like the car seats would stick WAY out...  anyone use this stroller in the beginning months? What do you think?
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Re: Got a City-Mini Double? C'mere....

  • I didn't use it in the beginning. I bought my DSNG to use for the first 8 months with infant seats.  After that the girls legs were too long for it, so I moved them to convertible car seats and my City Mini Double.
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  • From the Baby Jogger site...

    "*Car Seat Adaptor for double stroller holds one car seat and only one adaptor can be placed on the stroller."
    The 2011 model does take two of their compact prams, but at $170/each you are probably better off just getting a DSNG for the carseats.
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  • Seriously??? Ahhh why didn't they tell me that??? Boo!
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  • Personally - I'm not sure I would even want a SBS that takes two carseats, seems like I wouldn't be able to go thru doors with them.  Especially since you are looking at the mini, which suggest that being compact is high on your list.

    The SBS w/2 carseats is a great idea, but not just all that practical when you actually have your babies.



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  • we didn't use the city mini with the infant seats...we got a graco duoglider for under $150 at walmart and it worked great...when they outgrew the seats at 7 months we started using our city mini....I would go with dsng or duoglider or similar for the beginning to use with the car seats...I see them used on craig's list all the time for a decent price...
  • We used the DSNG until the babies no longer fit in their infant seats.  We just recently converted to the City Select.  Like PP said I don't believe the bar allows both seats. 
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  • We used the DSNG the first 6 months and the City Mini starting at 4m. (So we used both for a little while.) I LOVED the DSNG in the beginning; I wouldn't have wanted to use it with the infant seats though. I think a tandem is better if you're dealing with two infant car seats.
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