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Shift work and charting

I am a nurse and work two days, two nights and then I have four days off before doing it all over again. For the past two months I have been off work doing a specialty course and was able to take my temperature consistently.

Now that I have gone back to work, I am not sure if it will still be possible for me to chart. I never sleep during the day before a night shift, and if I do it is never for more than 3 hours. I love FF and have found it so helpful up until now (was not able to temp for the past two days).

Does anyone work shift work and chart? Do you find it is accurate, and you can see a pattern? Do you skip the days you work nights?

Thanks ladies!

Re: Shift work and charting

  • THIS should help answer your question
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  • great question...i work odd shifts too, thanks for the info kdg!
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  • I work 3rd shift every other weekend and first shift the rest of the time.  I set my alarm for 5 AM every day whether I work or not, and go straight to bed when I get home after a night shift and set an alarm for 4 hours later.  I temp and go back to sleep after that.  You can click the link to my chart to see this past month's (CD 16 and 17). They were higher than normal temps, but I still got CH.  For a little while FF thought I O'd due to my 2 high temps from the shift change, but it changed them eventually.  

    If you can temp at the same time 6 days out of 8 you will probably be okay for seeing the thermal shift.   

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  • I'm a nurse also but I always work night shifts. However I work different nights of the week every week. It's really hard for me to have one set time to temp. So I just do my best to get at least 3 hrs of sleep and then temp. It is honestly a different time every day but I do see a pattern in my temps. On FF I have some blue circles for my temps but most of them are open circles because of the different temp times. 


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