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How long were you in the hospital after you delivered?

I had a vaginal delivery with my DD, I was discharged 48 hours after she was born.  I think I heard that you usually stay one additional day with a c-section for a singleton.  Is it same with twins - 2 days for vaginal delivery and 3 days for c-section?
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Re: How long were you in the hospital after you delivered?

  • Yep, it's the same as a singleton.

    My insurance covered 4 days, so we stayed for 4 days.

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  • Yep, it's the same. 3-4 days with a C-section, 2 w/vaginal. I had my boys on a Tuesday night and we went home at midday that Thursday.
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  • I had my csection with the twins at 4pm on a monday and was discharged on wednesday by 2 pm,

    I guess it depends on how you feel I was already up and walking tuesday before noon

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  • 3 nights, though they wanted me to stay 4 nights.

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  • I think insurance is required to pay for 48 hours for vaginal and 96 hours for a c-section. I stayed the full 96 hours. Monday to Friday. I had the option to leave on Thursday but wanted another night of sleep :)
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  • imageOrangeSmoke:

    Yep, it's the same as a singleton.

    My insurance covered 4 days, so we stayed for 4 days.

    Ditto this. I had my babies on Tuesday and went home on Saturday. I could have gone home on Friday but decided to take advantage of the extra day that I was allowed.
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  • I delivered on a Friday and didn't get discharged until the following Tuesday. Because of my complications, they wanted to monitor me a little longer. It was either stay one extra day or set up an appointment to come back. With 2 kids in the NICU, I just felt it was easier to stay the extra day and stay closer to them a little longer.
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  • I had a c-section on Wed. and was discharged Sun. I could have been discharged Sat., but I wanted to wait until the babies were discharged too so we could all go home together. I also wanted an extra night of the nurse's help so I could get some rest and not have to worry about meals :)
  • We stayed 10 days.  My son ended up in the NICU, while sister was in the interim nursery for observation.  I delivered at a military hospital. It wasn't busy, so they signed off on me staying longer until my son was strong enough to go home.
  • I was officially released on day four, but my babies were kept an extra day, so I was put on boarder status and stayed 5 days total. 
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  • The babies were born Thursday morning and we were discharged Saturday afternoon.
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  • I delivered on a Monday at 5pm and we all went home on Thursday morning. They offered to let me stay until Friday b/c my blood pressure was still borderline, and after I left, I wish I had stayed. I was still in rough shape when I went home.
  • The babies were born on Friday and I went home on Tuesday.  They were discharged on Wednesday.  I think they basically allowed me to stay because the babies needed to be there.  I had to go on Tuesday when the insurance stopped paying.  The offered boarder status, but it seemed silly to pay to stay there when we were 10 minutes from our house.  In the end, even though it was hard to leave the babies, we got one more good night's sleep which was much appreciated after the c/s.
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  • I had my c on Friday morning and went home Monday.
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  • I delivered Thursday evening by c-section and was discharged Tuesday afternoon. I was going to be discharged Monday (so 4 nights) but they had me stay a 5th night due to complications with my BP. I was really in no hurry to go home. I felt like complete crap, having been on MAG for almost the entire time.
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  • I delivered sunday around noon (double whammy). I was given the all clear to be discharged tuesday if I wanted it with the option to stay until Thursday.

    Since my girls were in the NICU, I chose to stay until Thursday. It was easier to have someone bring me food, bring me my meds, and be just down the hall from my babies. I also think these extra few days helped with my pumping in the beginning as I didn't have any other responsibilites and wasn't trying to do too much.

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  • MrsLntMrsLnt member
    I delivered via scheduled c-section on a Tuesday AM and went home on Saturday AM. I had the option of going home on Fri but figured I should use all the time I'd been given.  That was a mistake for me because I got bugged every 3 hours in the hospital for vitals, etc., and would have gotten more rest at home.
  • I went in Friday afternoon to be monitored... little did I know what was coming!  I was induced that night, delivered emergency C on Saturday morning and went home Wednesday.  So 5 nights.  

    Lots MoMs on this board delivered after days or weeks of hospital bedrest, so that's just one more thing to consider (as if you don't have enough going on right now!)

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  • I had a c/s Friday afternoon and was discharged Monday morning.  The babies were in the NICU, so they said I could stay as long as I wanted on Monday since they weren't busy.  We left about 11:50 that night. Big Smile
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  • I had my c/s at 4 on a Friday.  My girls ended up in the NICU on Sunday night.  I asked to stay until Tuesday, so I was discharged Tuesday morning.  But they told me I could stay as long as I wanted since the girls were in the NICU so we left after dinner on Tuesday.
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  • I was very sick, and my platelet levels were taking along time to come back up and my blood pressures going down, so I was in the hospital a bit longer.  Had the babies very early Tuesday morning (like just after midnight) and I was discharged Saturday afternoon.  I didn't mind because my babies were in the NICU and I didn't like the thought of leaving without them.  My insurance paid for all of it thank goodness!
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  • I had a C-section on a Thursday at 9pm and they were going to discharge me on Monday so that I could stay with the girls an extra day since they were in the NICU. I got the okay to discharge Sunday at noon because I was on hospital bedrest for 10 weeks and wanted to get the heck outta Dodge!
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  • 4 days here too.  C-section.
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