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I just don't get...

how do 3 year-olds not need a nap because I REALLY need a nap when they don't take one.
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Re: I just don't get...

  • I know. I wish I had someone telling me I HAD to take a nap every day!

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  • Emerson responds well to a, "quiet reading time."  I let her choose three books and she has to sit in her bed and do whatever it is that she may do but, she can't get out of bed.  Sometimes she will fall asleep, sometimes she is calling me to come get her at the end of the hour.

    They need the down time and YOU absolutely need the down time.


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  • All 3 of mine don't nap. They haven't napped in ages. They do normally have a bedtime of 7:30 though so that helps knowing there is an end in sight. LOL!

    I think I might try the "Quiet reading time" thing on the days that Nathan and Morgan don't have summer camp. (They go to camp M/WF from 12:30-3 and that's when I run my errands since I'm down 2 kids).

    And Togagirl...we need to plan a sprinkler park playdate! :)

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