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Hello from another newbie

I thought I would post.. I've been a lurking for a week or so.  DH and I have been together for over 13 years and married 5 so we are finally going to TTC. I've been off BC for two years (after ten on) and finally am having normal cycles.  I'm not charting yet but am going to start next cycle.  I'm using OPK and as DH travels a lot for work I am hoping he is here when I get a smiley face. 

I'm a teacher and while I would love to give birth in the late spring I am just hoping to conceive and for everything to be healthy.  My principal told me yesterday that I needed to have a kid in May or June because that way I wouldn't miss a lot of work. Um yah I'll keep that in mind for you! I couldn't believe she said that being I didn't even tell her we were going to be trying soon.  


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