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Big Baby at 20 weeks

So I went for my level 2 and everything was great.  However the sono tech asked me my due date and I told her.  She said are you sure?  Is that what Dr K is going by?  When was your last period?  It turns out that the baby is almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule weight wise.  She checked my previous numbers and said ok your due date is still the same, he just got bigger quickly within your last visit.  Should I be worried???  Am I more likely to get GD?  The dr never called or said anything about it and I didn't think much about it till we got home.  Any thoughts???
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Re: Big Baby at 20 weeks

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. Babies can measure ahead and behind at any time. It doesn't make you more likely to get GD, but if you haven't been eating very healthy and you think that is why the baby is measuring ahead, then maybe just watch your diet more. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much. 
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  • ours have measured 2 wks ahead also the peri told me nice big babies are good rather than tiny babies. I wouldn't worry. Mine have started to slow down a little in growth but are still bigger than avg, could be growth spurts. Im sure if they were worried they'd tell you.
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  • I wouldn't worry and measurements aren't always accurate. I have a friend who was told she needed to delivery at 38 weeks because they told her that her baby was measuring 11lbs! Well she was induced and the baby was only 7lbs! She was pretty upset.

    I think your baby just had a growth spurt and you're fine. =) If you're really worried, you could ask them to give you the GD test early. I took mine at 15 weeks because DD was almost 9lbs at birth. 

  • Just out of curiosity did she tell you how much LO weighs?  I just had my 22 week ultrasound and our little boy was measuring 1 pound 1 ounce.  Just for comparison sake ... what is she considering a "big baby?"  
  • At our 20 wk scan our baby also measured about 2 weeks ahead of her due date (based on LMP), where as 2 previous U/S she only measured about 3-4 days ahead.  According to the measurements my OB said it put her in the 99% for her age (her due date based on LMP).  I talked to him at length about whether or not there was anything I had done that could be causing it and he reassured me over and over again it was not due to my weight gain (only 8 lbs at the time) and that it was to early for GD to be a possibility.  He simply said she's a nice big healthy baby.  He is planning on doing another U/S at 36 wks to check her size and then we will go from there.  He has mentioned that if she continues along the same growth curve we may be inducing early or having a c-section, although he wouldn't do either before 39 wks to assure that her lungs are developed.  On my last couple appts my uterus has only measured about a week ahead.  I am hoping her growth will slow down!
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