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Triplet moms please come in!

I went in for an ultraound this morning - 6w5d - and they found three sacs and three heartbeats. I'm a little in shock we have a 17 month old daughter and thought we were going to have just one more...if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinions I had a few questions:

 Did any of you continue to work? If so, do you have a nanny or do daycare? I'm working full time now but thinking that may change.

 I'm assuming I'll be shopping for a minivan...

Strollers? Is there any equivalent for a snap-n-go for triplets? Any stroller recommendations greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone- I'm sure I'll be seeking lots of advice here once I get my head around this. So shocked...

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Re: Triplet moms please come in!

  • Congrats and welcome!

    Don't try to get bogged down with all the practicalities just yet. Let it sink in first. :)

    1. I work FT. The boys are in daycare. I have to work, for financial and psychological reasons. :P

    2. We got a minivan.

    3. There's the Triple Decker. Or a Peg Perego Triplette. Both of those accept carseats.

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  • Welcome!  I'm a relatively new triplet mom-to-be, but I definitely can relate to the shock factor of finding out :)     I currently don't work, and will be staying home with the babies once they're here.  I drive a Volvo XC-90 (an SUV) which we are going to use until/unless we need something bigger.  

      I'm going to be hiring a baby nurse to come in at night to take over care of the babies so I can sleep, since my DH will be traveling most of the time for the first several months.  During the day, I'm going to get help from my mom, sister, and sometimes mother-in-law (not all at the same time and not all the time, but I'll have daytime help a good bit).

      As far as strollers go, triple ones seemed to us to be limited in selection and a bit pricey, so we're going with a double stroller and a baby sling.  I originally hated that idea, but after stroller shopping, I changed my mind.  

      Best of luck, and congrats on your three little ones!!

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  • Congratulations!!!
    I worked until 16 weeks (I was a teacher), but plan on staying home for a couple more years. Plenty of triplet moms work full or part time; I think everyone's situation is different.
    We don't have a minivan (yet). We've been using my dh's chevy Silverado extended cab, but I can't wait to get a minivan. The truck is nice because it easily stows the ginormous stroller. We have the Peg Perego Triplette. It's been great (it's a snap-n-go type), it just takes up a lot of space.
    Welcome!!! I hope you have a long and boring :) pregnancy.

    ETA The triple strollers are pricey, but I've seen them used on CL for 1/2 price or I know people also get them through their local MoMs Club for cheap.
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  • Congrats and welcome!  Has anyone told you about Dr. Luke's book yet?  You should give it a read.

    I went back to work FT when my boys were 2.5 months old and left them with a nanny.  I wasn't happy working just decided to SAH.  I've been home for two weeks now and I'm very happy with the decision and grateful that it was even an option for us.

    We got a minivan.

    We got the peg perego triplet stroller.  It's a good stroller.  It's snap and go with the very expensive infant seats that are compatable.  It's good for walks around the neighborhood.  The downside is that it's so big I have to take off the wheels and the seats (now that we are in big seats) to fit it in the minivan.  If I could do it it over I would just get a singe + double for when they are little.  I never went anywhere alone anyway.  And get a Valco Tri-Mode Twin with a Joey for when they are older.

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  • stopped working at 10 wks (also, a teacher) no minivan, we have a chevy tahoe. we started out with a double & single snap n go. just recently bought the obaby triple umbrella and very happy with it...GL and enjoy the ride, its amazing!!!
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  • Thanks all- it's been an interesting day to say the least! Will be checking back in often. Thanks again!
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