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Pack-N-Play advice?

Hey! I have my shower next weekend and keep going back in forth between either the Arm's Reach Mini cosleeper, the Travel Lite Graco PNP or just a regular big PNP that has a diaper changer on it. I've wanted the Arm's Reach for a long time & done a lot of research on it but when my Mother-in-Law found out and read up on it she saw ONE review that was bad (something about a baby who almost suffocated by crawling it's way to the corner) and so now I'm wondering if it's a good idea? Anyway...I like the fact that both the Arm's Reach & Travel Lite Graco are small. I like that the Arms Reach can be close to the bed but it does not convert into a PNP and I like that the Travel Lite PNP does. But then is it better just to get the big & cute PNP that most people get? Anyway...I would love some expert advice on what is best. Thanks! [Poll]
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Re: Pack-N-Play advice?

  • I had this same debate.  My issue with the Arm's Reach is that one side is padded and not "open" to the air.  I would have gone with it if they had made all sides mesh.  So, we decided to just put the crib in our room for the first few months (as we have space) and then move it into the nursery when we move LO into there.  We also have a regular and very basic PNP.  We didn't even get the one with the changing area as those suckers are really flimsy.  We also have a place in the master that I can easily turn into a changing table, so we don't have a need for an extra one in there. 
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  • Just get the arms reach mini convertible.

    We used a regular big PNP with bassinet with DD. We used the mini co-sleeper with DS, and I much preferred the co-sleeper.   We will use the co-sleeper again with #3.

    ETA:  The thing that is great about the co-sleeper, especially the convertible one, is its versatility.  You can use it as a co-sleeper, use it as a stand alone bassinet, or use it as a playard.  If the co-sleeping aspect appeals to you then go that route.  If co-sleeping doesn't work then you can still use it as a stand alone bassinet like a PNP.  However, the PNP automatically means the attaching to your bed/co-sleeping option is removed.  I think most people are going to vote for the regular PNP as that is what is the norm.

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  • We have a big pack-n-play in our living room (the one with the changing table) and we have the cheapest pack-n-play that we take on trips and camping (we travel alot).  For the first few months we used a bassinett in our room (that was my stepdaughter's) until DS moved into his crib.  The PNP in the living room was a lifesaver- it kept us from having to run up & down the stairs all the time and DS could take naps downstairs if he wanted to.  Also, I had a safe place to put him when I needed to run to the bathroom! 
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    I say the big pack n play because it has more uses.  Like we just used ours this weekend for our 15month old... if you get the other two they are used for such a short short period of time and then have no use.  We used ours as a bassinett with newborn, changing table too and now use it for overnights... and also when I have watched my nephew at our house a few times he has somewhere to nap. 
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  • We had a regular sized PNP with DD#1 and found it to be so big and bulky, we hardly even used it. With DD#2, we got the Travel Lite PNP, and we LOVE it! It's lighter, smaller, and you are able to use it longer than a co-sleeper. IMO, the Travel Lite is the way to go!
  • You will use a regular PNP the longest.

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  • Get the rock n play sleeper you can set up next to your bed, your baby will end up sleeping in your bedroom, and I have heard amazing things about this product. Get a pack n play, the changing pad is a nice feature but your child will outgrow it fast. You don't need all the bells and whistles, and it's nice for travel. Good luck.
  • I swear, I did more research on EVERYTHING we have gotten for our soon to be here bundle. Everyone thought I was nuts, but from safety to comfort to practicality, I feel as though we got the best of everything. I looked at TONS of the pack and plays/sleepers, and we ended up with these: the Fisher Price Rock N Play's the most SIMPLE looking thing, is tiny, portable, but is mesh on the sides so baby can breathe easy, and the design is similar to a car seat, so babies feel very comfortable/snug sleeping in it. Also, we got a Bright Starts Sleep Easy Incling PNP. The size is good, the slight incline is great in case your baby has reflux, the changing part is VERY VERY sturdy, and there is tons of space for diapers, wipes, etc. Between those two, her crib, swing and bouncer, something should make her comfy! Good luck! :-)


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