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2nd Trimester

XP: Chiropractors are awesome in pregnancy!

I just thought I would share this with 2nd tri because it has helped me SO much.

This is my second pregnancy. With my first, I had a ton of back, leg, and foot pain in the later part of my pregnancy. I was miserable all of the time. This time I decided to try going to the chiropractor once a week throughout my pregnancy. I can't believe what an AMAZING difference it has made! I feel like a whole new person. Seriously. I was expecting the 3rd trimester to be miserable. But I feel good, and I'm actually able to sleep at night, which I could never do when I was pg with DS.

I would highly suggest giving a chiropractor a try if you never have. I started in the 2nd tri and I'm so glad that I did!

Re: XP: Chiropractors are awesome in pregnancy!

  • seconding this in general. i love my chiro SO much. he's made a huge difference in my life in general and i only wish i had the time to see him more often. just be sure to do your research and find a reputable one. there are, admittedly, some sketchy ones out there, but there are also really awesome docs. mine is honestly the best doctor i've ever had, regardless of type of practice. when i injured my knee several years ago, he was able to get me back up and walking the next day and worked on it to get me even better than i was before. based on what was going on, a regular doc probably would have advised surgery and had me off my feet a lot longer.

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  • ah yes! I was in a pretty bad car accident a couple years ago and when my back pain became unbearable to the point of not even getting out of bed I decided to see a chiropractor. it is truly amazing. i need to keep going, he's just so far away, but I agree its totally worth it.
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  • I agree!!!!  I have only had back pains when pg, but last time so far this time - the chiro is the best thing going!!!
  • I am going next week for the first time ever - I am so hopeful!!

  • i'll be going to my chiro for my whole pregnancy and i'm sooooo glad i made that decision, come every other wednesday!
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  • I've been going to my Chiro since before I knew I was pregnant.  It's helped with everything! 
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