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Urologist Appointment

We went to see the fertility urologist today.  He said that he thinks the last SA must have been a fluke.  He said that nothing in DH's history would give any reason to think he would have an SA like that.  He said the surgery would not have caused that kind of drop either.  We told him that we want to have another SA done so that we can make a decision about whether we should continue trying to get pregnant or if we should take the adoption path.  He said that he wanted to wait another month to do the SA to make sure that we are getting the best possible results so that we have good information on which to base our decision.  So, another month of waiting.  I understand the thought behind it, but the waiting is horrible!  Also, I picked DD up from daycare yesterday and she goes, "I want a baby!"  I was like, "You want a baby?"  and she said, "a baby brother or sister."  I want a baby brother or sister for her too! 
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Re: Urologist Appointment

  • I am so happy to hear the dr. thought it was a fluke! Really sucks you'll have to wait a month, but I just KNOW that you'll get the good news you've been looking for. Thoughts and prayers for you!
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  • I'm so glad your Dr agrees with us that his SA must have been a fluke!

    Also, I so wish I didn't, to your bone, feel you pain when you LO asks for a sibling....

    The joy of his first LC cupcake!


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  • JMayJMay member
    The waiting stinks, but good news about the SA!  Hoping your DD gets her wish...
    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

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  • Good to hear it was just a fluke. My DS asks for a baby in my belly on a daily basis and has for the last year or so.  It's extremely painful to not have an answer for him about when it's going to happen.
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