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2nd Trimester

why all of a sudden do i not want to eat?

I had nausea through the last maybe half of the first trimester, I'm only two weeks into the 2nd tri and I've had the most amazing migraines.  I finally convinced my OB yesterday to give me a prescription strength drug for them (of course, I was in the middle of a migraine at the time...and then the pharmacy screwed up and I'm still waiting on them to fix it).  But in those same two weeks, I've been famished during meal times, take a couple of bites, and I can't even think of stomaching more.  I was doing the small but frequent meals/snacks earlier, but I don't have the desire at all to snack.  And the thought of drinking as much water as I should makes me feel sick.  Isn't food aversion or the inability to eat supposed to be all 1st tri stuff?  Is it headache related?
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Re: why all of a sudden do i not want to eat?

  • Yuck.  Sorry about the headaches.  I've had my share of nagging headaches that won't go away (I don't know that I would yet call them migraines though).

    Anyway, I find that I have hungry days and then less hungry days.  My appetite definitely comes and goes.  Although, when I have had migraines, I have definitely not been interested in eating.  It could be headache related or it could just be a normal fluctuation in your appetite.  

    I didn't look at your ticker, but I know that I have less room for food than I once did, which plays in to the fact that I definitely don't eat a lot at once, even if I do feel famished.  I also find that things that are supposed to be 1st tri, 2nd tri, 3rd tri "symptoms" can vary greatly from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy.

    Good luck--I hope the headaches get better. 

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  • this happened to me right around 14 or 15 weeks. i wasnt nauseas or anything, i just didnt want food...it was the weirdest thing.

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