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Hummus (really stupid question)

...on what?

Mind you, I've only had hummus at parties and have never bought it personally. I would like to introduce it to the babies but am at a loss on what to put it on. We ate it on pita chips which are way to hard for the babies... I'm guessing pita bread/unsalted crackers but then I think they'll just lick it off...Confused I'm sure I'm over thinking this...

Please no flames I'm really curious... TIA 

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Re: Hummus (really stupid question)

  • I just gave this to my girls for lunch yesterday!  I took a piece of pita bread, wrapped it in a wet paper towel and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  This softened it up a bit.  Then I opened the pita so that it was like a pocket and spread the hummus inside of it.  I closed it back up and cut it in half, and gave them each a triangle whole.  They loved it!
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  • I've done it on pita bread, on tortillas, and on toast for the girls.
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  • Mine loved it with those Mum-Mum crackers!!
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  • back when they werent' extreeeeeemely picky, i'd just give them a dollop in a bowl and a spoon.
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  • I mix hummus, shreaded cheese, and chopped spinach and spread it on whole grain toast.  It's fantastic!
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  • I concur with pita bread. Also, even if they just lick it off at first it's no big deal, it's a high protein food and generally considered a healthy snack. When they are older its good with veggie sticks and also we eat it alot with grilled chicken and rice.

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  • THANKS LADIES!!! Headed to Target now... Have a great evening!
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