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question about preemie clothes & diapers

I had my last growth scan yesterday and the LO's approx. weights are 5lb. 11oz. & 6lbs. 2oz.  Is it safe to trade up the preemie diapers & clothes I've received?  I have a ton of pampers swaddlers NB size & it sounds like they should fit them right out of the gate. TIA
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Re: question about preemie clothes & diapers

  • I would say so. I brought my girls home at 5 lbs 11 oz and 5 lbs 12 oz and they fit into NB size just fine. I actually brought a couple of preemie outfits to the hospital, but they weren't even close to being able to fit into them. I'd keep a couple just in case, though. Those weights are estimates and they could end up being smaller than expected.
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  • My LOs were born exactly where you are today (36w4d) and we didn't use any preemie diapers or clothes. I had purchased a few preemie onesies, but we didn't need them, and they were too small/narrow for my babies anyway. The LOs wore regular newborn snap t-shirts almost exclusively for the first few weeks with just diapers on the bottom b/c it was so hot outside (born last August 30). They were 5lbs5oz and 5lbs14oz at birth.
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  • My last growth u/s was at 35w6d and LOs were estimated to be exactly 6lbs each. They were born 8 days later weighing 5.4 and 6.2. Newborn swaddlers fit them perfectly but you might want to keep the preemie clothes. We only had NB size and while they did fit them, they were pretty big on them. MIL actually bought some preemie onesies for DS (who was 5.4) and he wore them for close to a month. GL!
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  • I would not.  U/S can be very misleading.  I had an U/S with my OB and my MFM two days before they were born, and they were BOTH more than 1lb off on each baby.  The u/s had them both weighing over 5 1/2 lbs ( and had been showing that for a week or so).  DD was born at 4lbs 5oz and DS was 5lbs 1oz.  They were both in preemie sizes for almost a month.

    Just keep the tags on clothes/receipts for diapers and exchange them after they are born.  I had no preemie clothes and had to send my mom out to buy some for them.

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    My US was way off, too. They were measured at 5# 9oz (DS) and 5# 11oz (DD) at 35w 6d.  They were born at 6# 5oz (DS) and 4# 15oz (DD) at 37w 1d.

    That being said, we just used newborn sized stuff.  It was big on them for awhile but not the end of the world. 

  • I would for the clothes but not the diapers

    I made it to 37w2d before my water broke.  My boys wore NBs (started in Gerbers, which were tiny) and were born at 6lbs each.  However, Alex lost a ton of weight and kept leaking out of NB diapers so we went thru about 90 premmie diapers.

    Congrats!  Where in NJ are you?  There are a few NJ mamas here!

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  • The u/s weights can be off a pound or so in either direction but my girls went straight to NB size diapers and clothes and were born at 6.5 and 6.12
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  • Thanks Ladies!  I'll wait a few more days & hang on to the preemie clothes but trade up the diapers if I make it another week.  OrangeSmoke, I'm in central NJ (Westfield).
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