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Pre-e question

This could be far fetched but I am currently 33 weeks and woke up this morning with blurred vision. It feels like there is a film over my eyes its really strange. Throughout the last 4 weeks or so I have had consistantly watery eyes...I read that blurred vision could be a sign of pre-e I also have a blood clotting disorder dont know if that could be anywhere related with pre-e or could cause it. Anyone have pre-e and blurred vision this early? Doesnt pre-e get diagnosed later?
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  • I would call your doctor right away.  Blurred vision can be a sign of high blood pressure, which can lead to pre-e.  I had minor blurry vision a couple of weeks ago and ended up being put on medication for high blood pressure.  Good luck!!!

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  • I was diagnosed at 31 weeks... it is definitely a possibility. Call your doctor right away and report it. If you have a blood pressure monitor, take some readings about 10 minutes apart, when you are resting, and see what they are. That is useful info for the doctor to have. Also, check to see if you are swollen anywhere. Facial swelling is a symptom of pre-e as well (my face and even eyelids were swollen up). Best of luck.
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  • You are defininately not too early to have pre e. My sister was diagnosed with pre e at 24 weeks. I would call your dr just to be on the safe side.
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