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? for blood clotting disorder ladies

First timer here just curious if for any reason you were induced into labor or scheduled c section due to the disorder?

Or did you go into labor on your own? What do they do when you get to the hospital to reverse the blood thinners??

Sorry if these are stupid questions I will obviously follow up with the peri but I dont go back to him for 5 weeks.

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Re: ? for blood clotting disorder ladies

  • I think it depends on your doctor, why you're on thinners and what type. I'm on Lovenox but my OB will switch me to Heparin at 36 weeks because it is reversible. I'm hoping to go on my own (but may not be able to if I develop GD and pre-e like I did with DD1).
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  • I have FVL and MTHFR.  My doc and I discussed it and decided that a  scheduled c/s was the best way to deliver DD.  I will also deliver this baby by c/s.  I actually scheduled it today.:)
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  • I have MTHFR and I'm on Lovenox.  My MFM will do an amnio right before 37 weeks and if all is well, will go ahead and induce me the following week (I'll be a little over 37 weeks).  She feels that if the baby is ready then it is best to go ahead and get him out instead of wait for something bad to happen because of the MTHFR.  I will also be swtiched to Heparin at 32 weeks.
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  • These are all good questions. I had my daughter over 5 months ago. While pregnant, I took Lovenox until about week 36 or 37 and then I took heparin for the last weeks. My doctors suggested waiting as long as possible before switching to heparin because it slows down the production of the baby's lungs. Heparin is good because it has a very short half life. I was taking it in the morning and at night. My doctor's also said they did not want to do an early induction or a c-section because I didn't have any other medical problems. HOWEVER, I did not go into labor on my own AT ALL. And, a week and a half after my due date, I was induced. They allowed her to remain in the womb because there was no pending danger. I was instructed to take my last dose of heparin the night before the induction and no meds were used to reverse it. It was a very smooth, quick and natural labor. And a few hours after delivering, I started taking the lovenox again for 6 weeks. I have a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby girl. Everything will be fine! Just make sure you do your research.
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