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losing my mucous plug

Im 39 weeks and 6 days, and i have been having alot of cramping and a weird dropping feeling in my pelvic area , almost like when you go down a big hill and come up fast and your stomach drops, and i lost alot of my mucous plug when i was 34 weeks or so and having lost any more of it till now, and my doctor said i was almost 3 cm dialed and my cervix was starting to really thinning out and told me i probably wouldn't make it to my due date (july 4th),

and i was just wondering if your "bloody show" has to be bloody or you even have to have your bloody show before you go into labor?

i haven't have any regular contractions, but i have a feeling she'll come this weekend 

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Re: losing my mucous plug

  • I don't think you have to have a bloody show before labor. Are you sure the cramping is not contractions? It may pick up and become time-able soon, then you will know for sure. GL!
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  • You don't have to have your bloody show in order to be in labor.  However, if you have your bloody show, yes, it has to be blood tinged.

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