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First PT appt for Tort..

We went to our first PT appt for Alexis for slight torticollis. The PT said its a moderate to severe case which suprised me because the flat spot is so slight. She looks to her left side just fine, just favors looking to her right and laying on her right side so I thought it would be a slight case.

They showed us neck stretches to do and explained that her right side of her face is a little asymetrical (her cheek is a little puffier and the right side of her forehead a little more bumped out) so i cried when she said that because I guess I really didn't notice it.

She thinks it should get better in the next 2-4 weeks so I think it will be fine, just made me stress out a little thinking about it, but we'll do what we need to! Hopefully it will resolve itself and we won't have to get the helmets.

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Re: First PT appt for Tort..

  • It takes time for the effects of torticollis to become apparent, ex. plagio. It's great that you are getting her in PT early! It makes an enormous difference and chances are she won't need a helmet if you keep up with the PT exercises.
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  • You are lucky that you've caught this early and your pedi referred you PT so young.  I noticed flatness for BabyA at our 2week appt.  We didn't start PT until I begged my pedi at 3.5months.  Both babies were in helmets at 5months and we've been going to PT twice a week for 3 months - and they still want to do another month of twice a week for BabyA.  He will be getting a second helmet in a few weeks.  BabyB was much less severe and will be out of his helmet next week and down to once a week PT.

    Make sure that you have the PT evaluate your other baby.  We were surprised to learn BabyB also has torticollis and his flatness snuck up on us.

    Good luck and great news that you caught this early!

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  • We did 9 months of PT for tort and 3 months of a helmet.   I wished I would have noticed sooner.  It was very apparent that Erik had torticollis the day he was born (but I didn't even know what it was back then).  I look back at all his pictures from birth and his head was leaning to the right in every single one of them.  I wished somebody had said something.  When we went in for an appt at around 5 months, my pedi said "looks like he needs a helmet".  I was shocked.  He had moderate to severe plagio and I didn't even notice.  So be glad you are starting early.  Keep up with the exercises.  Erik hated the stretches but I found that if I turned on a baby einstein video on it would distract him so I could get some good stretches in.   Not that I promote TV for babies this young, but in this case I think the advantages outweigh the risks.  GL. 
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  • Your LO sounds like my DS's case exactly.  DS was diagnosed immediately in the NICU.  He basically spent the entire pregnancy in the same position in my uterus - never ever moved.  His tort was moderate to severe.  We started PT at birth going once a month, and doing home stretches 3x a day.  We are still going to PT once a month, but now are down to stretches 1x a day.  He also developed a flat spot at 8 wks which got progressively worse and we got him into a helmet at 6 1/2 mos.  He wore it for 11 wks.  He also had the facial asymmetry and ear misalignment.  It is much better now, but you won't see drastic improvements until they are sitting up on their own and not flat on their backs so much.

    The best advice we got was not to put him in the bouncy/swings so much.  Anything that puts them at an incline like that makes it worse, since gravity will cause his head to naturally tilt.  On their tummies/backs is best.  GL!

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